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What is an ad exchange?

An ad exchange is a type of online marketplace of unsold display ad space (belonging to sites or networks) which allows publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ad inventory automatically. It improves transparency and targeting by auctioning impressions in real-time between multiple bidders- allowing for publishers to get the best price on their space and for the advertiser to target the most accurate audience. Additionally, it reduces the cost of a middleman by making this a direct buy.

So… what are the top ad exchanges YOU should be using?

doubleclickDoubleClick Ad Exchange (Google): Owned by Google, this is by far the largest ad exchange out there. It is a premium version of AdSense that has access to the world’s biggest pool of advertisers that pay the highest CPMs.  Buyers benefit from having access to thousands of publishers of all sizes, with massive reach, leveraging their own data and optimization capabilities to bit in real time, powerful targeting tools which put the right ad in front of the right audience at the right time and a single bill for payment.

microsoftMicrosoft Media Network (Microsoft): The Microsoft Media Network is Microsoft’s premium display network. It is built on quality inventory from trusted sites across the web including Microsoft own and operated sites such as MSN. By leveraging exclusively owned and partnered data sources such as Microsoft accounts, MSN, and Bing, their high-quality reach empowers you to better determine when, where, and how you connect with your audience.

adtechMarketplace by Adtech (AOL): Part of the AOL network, Marketplace is a platform which enables the efficient buying and selling of digital advertising. AOL Networks enables the world’s top marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TVs with impact through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance driven campaigns.

openxOpenX: The OpenX Ad Exchange is one of the largest in the world and includes 800+ publishers running more than 100 billion ad impressions every month. Hundreds of the industry’s top DSPs, networks and trading desks buy ad space, and in fact 96% of leading advertisers buy ads through our ad exchange.

appnexusAppNexus: With this exchange platform, you get instant access to hundreds of demand partners. AppNexus allows you to decide how transparent you are based on the individual buyer. You can control the visibility of your sites, the information shared about your inventory, and who can see what.


Ad Exchanges work with tons of advertisers and publishers, and figuring out which ad exchange is right for you may be a challenge. Using media intelligence tools such as AdClarity can help you see exactly which publishers and advertisers the ad exchange of your choice is working with, helping you decide if they are relevant or not to your business. Additionally, you can discover many other ad exchanges (as we only listed the top 5) that may work much better for your industry.


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