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senfluence-launch“Everybody’s talking Big Data, I don’t hear a word they’re saying….”

That’s how the song goes, right?

Well, if you’re SaaS developer you’ll be singing some kind of happy tune with news that Trackur is bringing its affordable APIs to more people. As chief bottle-washer, I’m pleased to share that we’ve today announced that our APIs for social media monitoring, sentiment and influence measurement will be available at

We made the decision to separate our APIs from our dashboard plans so that we can focus on building out API offerings that may not fit with our social media monitoring tools. At launch, Senfluence will offer two types of API:

  1. Full social media monitoring – give us a keyword and tap into millions and millions of fresh results via either JSON or XML
  2. Sentiment & Influence – send us any keyword and URL and we’ll return sentence-level sentiment analysis as well as influence scoring.

We also hope to shortly launch a web page content extraction API that will allow you to turn any web page into structured content you can use or analyze.

These APIs start at just $270 a month! Yes, we’re going to do for APIs what we did for social media monitoring dashboards–make them actually affordable!

Head to for more info.


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