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25th-Nov-2014-Two-Thirds-of-Teens-are-using-Facebook-Less-FrequentlyFacebook isn’t about to lose its status as the number one social network, but it seems like familiarity has bred a little contempt.

50% of the participants in the new GlobalWebIndex (GWI) Social Summary for Q3 2014 said they were using Facebook less frequently than they did in the past. (Study involved 170,000 internet users across 32 markets)

The percentage gets even larger when you look at just the teens in the US and the UK. 64% are spending less time on Facebook for one big reason – they’re bored.

Actually, it’s all rather chicken or the egg. 29% of teens said they aren’t on Facebook as often because they’re friends aren’t on as often. They’re still communicating digitally, but now they’re doing it via Instagram and messaging apps.

GWI says that even though Facebook has more users, activity such as photo sharing and messaging has fallen off by 20 percentage points in the last two years. That could be proof that apps are eating into Facebook’s business or maybe we’re all just getting bored with sharing our entire life in vids, pics and 20 word blurbs.

The one stat that really hurts is this:

27% of teens said Facebook isn’t as cool as it used to be.

My how the mighty have fallen. . . and here’s another punch:

GWI Top Social PlatformsThis GWI chart compares growth in members and active users across all social networks over the last six months. Facebook is the only platform that actually had a drop in active users. The big winners are Tumblr and Pinterest. Tumblr had by far, the most growth in active users while Pinterest took the prize for member growth. Instagram is looking pretty good, too. And check out LinkedIn; looks like all the content tweaks they’ve made over the last year is working to keep members more engaged.

GWI Social app growthSocial App-etites

Facebook may have lost some active users, but they found plenty on their apps. 43% of global internet users use the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger was in second place for growth over the past six months. Messenger also knocked WhatsApp out of the top spot as the most used chat/messaging app.

Looking at overall growth, Snapchat is the winner and that’s mostly due to the teens. Snapchat has the youngest audience of any social app and usage ranges from 25% to 40% of all online teens in key markets such as the US, UK and Canada.

All this app growth is a byproduct of growth in another area – mobile usage. 4 out of 10 social users login via a mobile device. 52% of mobile logins are coming from younger users – 16 to 34 and slightly more women than men.

Today’s Takeaway: teens haven’t left Facebook but they’re definitely not paying attention the way they used to. If you’re trying to reach a 17-year-old fashionista, you’re better off on a graphically-oriented social network such as Tumblr or Instagram.

For every other demographic, it’s business as usual.


  • Joey

    FB is on death row….only for losers and poor people in 3rd world countries (which always lag behind the trend).

    FB messenger was a huge mistake, and including it as a fastest growing app is ridiculous-would love to see the engagement numbers there. Far as I can tell FB forced everyone to download it but nobody actually uses it.

    FB you didn’t give a crap about us, now we don’t give a crap about you