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Every day, I’m introduced to several hundred pieces of content via social, email and search and still I know I’m not seeing everything I’d like to see. Argue with me if you like, but there’s a ton of great content on the internet and now Google and Facebook are going to help you see even more of it.

Google just added a Suggested for You section in Google news. Krishna Bharat announced the update on his Google+ page, a choice that always perplexes me. I understand Google wanting to use their own social network to disseminate information but it always feels so unofficial. It’s like they’re hoping no one will notice.

The link is located in the sidebar, just under the Top Stories list. This is what I found when I checked my Suggested Stories this morning.

Suggested for you

Not bad. Not the best choices, but not bad. I’m not a big LEGO fan but oddly, I turned on the LEGO movie last night for a few minutes. Think Google is spying on my cable feed? The Internet of Things makes perfect sense since I write about and search this topic on a daily basis.

You can teach Google News to curate better content by using the links under each post. I clicked No to LEGO and Yes to Internet of Things.

Sugested for you 2

Notice how the link changes. Now it’s taunting me. . but YOU SAID. . .   All of these precautions make me laugh. Really, what’s the harm if they show me a piece of content I don’t love. Maybe I’ll learn something new. And yet, people are complaining about this new option. Crazy. Don’t like it, don’t click it. As a content marketer, I’m excited about anything that puts my words in front of more people.

Facebook TechWire

Facebook also launched a curation service that’s right up my alley, called Facebook Techwire.

We’re excited to announce the launch of FB Techwire, powered by Storyful. With every breaking tech story, debate, launch or event we will find, verify and share the most relevant and high-value content to the tech community on Facebook in real time.

The Page will surface Facebook content that can be embedded by journalists as part of news, analysis, op-ed features, live blogs, reaction pieces and more. Content will also be posted to Twitter from @fbtechwire.

Since the content is getting pulled from other Facebook Pages, the feed is only going to be as good as the content others post. I’m interested to see if this feed will end up being both timely and relevant. As expected, the announcement post is filling up with positive comments, negative comments and even more irrelevant comments. Again, folks, it’s just a feed option. You don’t have to follow if you don’t want to.

If you cover tech news and want your posts included in the feed, you should contact the Storyful team at

  • 6 one way half a dozen another

    I also saw the “Suggested for You” box. Frankly, I let them know that I don’t want to be bothered to stop and judge whether or not some particular story is or isn’t something I am interested in when I can scroll down to the filtered section I set up to show me stories I am interested in reading. I turned it off in my settings.
    I also don’t think anyone will be using Facebook’s Techwire unless it is a slow day on Twitter.

  • I think this is just another way for Google to get their hands into everything. They are in shopping, but no one really uses that, I think the same will be true for Techwire.