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Repped AcademyWhen you attend a 3-day conference, how much do you really learn about a single topic? Enough to make you dangerous, if you’re lucky!

While conference sessions are a great intro to a topic, even a 30 minute session only scratches the surface of a meaty topic such as online reputation management. That’s why I’m holding a 1-day reputation management workshop in Raleigh, NC on January 21st.

The workshop will allow me to cover reputation management in such depth you’ll walk away knowing just about everything I know on the subject!

During this one day masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Understanding your audience and building a profitable brand.
  • Optimizing social media profiles for maximum engagement and conversions.
  • Proven tips for creating content that will amaze your audience…and Google!
  • The keys to launching a PR campaign that everyone will want to talk about.
  • Building a stellar Google reputation while defusing negative search results.
  • Monitoring your brand, spying on your competitors, and capturing free market research.
  • Identifying your brand detractors and turning them into brand advocates.
  • Defending a reputation attack and cleaning up the mess.
  • Building a brand that is trusted and admired for years to come.

I’m deliberately limiting this to just 15 attendees, so that we’ll have enough time to explore topics in detail, answer your questions, and tackle hands-on examples.

The early bird price is just $970 (goes up to $1270 on December 15th) and includes breakfast, lunch, and coffee, a signed copy of Repped, AND six months of Trackur’s social media monitoring (almost $600 in value).

Attend this workshop and you’ll learn skills that will make you invaluable to your company, improve your own career prospects, or allow you to start offering reputation management services to your own clients!

Learn more and register here.