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Female_animal_trainer_and_leopardIf you had to describe your branded content in one word, what would it be? Informative? Engaging? Boring? (I hope not) Upbeat? How about entertaining?

In Facebook’s “Coming of Age on Screens” study, 72% of young millennials from all over the world said that’s what they expect from brands – entertaining content. That’s a lot to live up to. It’s a lot harder to be entertaining on command than it is to be informative but when you hit that sweet spot the returns are insane.

Evian’s crazy, roller skating babies video earned the company a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most viewed online ad ever, accumulating more than 25 million views in just two months. When they made that, they knew it was funny and highly entertaining, and I’m sure they hoped it would be a huge hit, but I doubt they expected it to blow up the way it did.

There was a time when wild, viral ads only came out of the Super Bowl but now they happen 365 days a year. And we’re not just talking YouTube here. Remember the splash Oreo made with an on the fly Tweet during the Super Bowl blackout? (Ok, I know I said not all big campaigns come out of the Super Bowl but still. . . )

How about Red Bull? Every one of their campaigns is wild and thrilling a.k.a. entertaining.

56% of the young millennials in the Facebook survey said that they happily share your branded content with their friends if it was interesting. 56% also said, they pay attention to branded messages on social from brands they trust.

This is all very interesting because we have a tendency to think that millennials are anti-advertising but clearly it’s not true. They’re anti-boring advertising and they don’t like being pandered to, but who does?

What’s really important is that you speak their language. Lucky for all marketers over 30, that language is visual.

“You can have a photo up there and throw 5 simple words on there and people will get it and find it funny, instead of typing out a paragraph.” – Victor, 22, a research participant from the US

No matter what you’re selling; trendy electronics or retirement plans, young millennials are your future customers so there’s no better time to start a relationship with them than right now. Get the picture?