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Pew report email 2014The first thing I do every morning is check my email and I monitor it constantly throughout the day by means of a pop up that shows me what’s rolling in as I work.

That sounds obsessive, I know. And productivity experts say it’s bad. I shouldn’t do either of those two things but. . .  you know. . . email is your lifeline when you work remotely. But remote workers aren’t the only ones who regularly use the internet.

Pew Research says that 94% of job holders use the internet for work. That’s everyone from the CEO at a large tech company to the sole proprietor soap maker. They use the internet for research, for purchasing, for selling their own wares, for bookkeeping, recruiting and they all use it to keep it touch via email.

As a matter of fact, the folks in this study said that email was the most important tool (61%). Internet was a close second with 54%, though I’d argue that most people wouldn’t have email at all if they didn’t have internet. . . .

Phones were pretty far down on the list with landlines beating mobile phones 35% to 24%. I hear that. I love my cell phone but it’s my last choice for making business calls. Way too much “can you hear me now” especially since mobile phones encourage parties to make calls from busy coffee shops and cars.

Social sites just squeaked on to the list of important tools with only 4%. Social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be good tools for networking, branding and marketing but for the average worker, they’re nothing but a time suck.

Of course, Facebook isn’t the only black hole on the internet. Stop by Amazon for a second and suddenly you’ve lost a half hour. And the email everyone loves so much can lead to more lost minutes.

But workers aren’t worried. 46% say that access to the internet makes them feel more productive. (Note, they said they “feel” more productive, not that they “are” more productive.)

Workers told Pew that email, internet and mobile phones have. . .

  • 51% of internet-using workers say that technology has expanded the number of people they communicate with outside of their company.
  • 39% said it gives them more flexibility in the hours they work.
  • 35% said it increased the amount of hours they work (and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.)

The takeaway here is for all you B2B marketers: email is still your best friend. You can call. You can post on Facebook. But if you want to reach your customer, send them a targeted, well-crafted email.

  • exactly it is true,,,,present days every one is using mobiles for mail checking and for other online working.