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Thumbs Up Like ButtonAs we all know, just because you post something on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s being seen by your followers. That would be silly, right? To actually, automatically serve up your content to everyone who explicitly asked for it?

Since it is so hard to get your message past enemy lines, it’s important to make the most of each message you put out there. Facebook is ready to help with that.

Facebook just rolled out 3 new tools that could help increase your engagement.

The best one is Interest Targeting. This tool lets you send your post out to only a specific subset of followers. Facebook is already doing this – picking and choosing who sees your post. With this tool, you can beat them to it and pick your own people. The assumption here is that Facebook will actually deliver your post to that chosen few. Which makes me wonder. . . . what if I pick three key words that apply to 90% of my audience? Will Facebook serve my post to the full 90% or is this just another game designed to make us feel like we’re in control of our own destiny?

Here’s Facebook’s example:

Facebook targeting example

Once you click Target Interests, the “Targeted to” number will change to show how many of your followers fall into that range. Remember, unlike the paid targeting tools, this tool only creates subsets of people who follow you. If you don’t have many followers, this won’t help at all.

Also, you have to activate the option in your settings. Look for it under the Targeting and Privacy tab.

If you do have a lot of followers and you discuss a range of topics, this tool should boost your engagement numbers. We’ll see.

This Post Will Self Destruct

Facebook also just added the ability to put an expiration date on a post. Post End Date only prevents the post from showing up in a person’s News Feed after the expiration. It does not delete the post from your Page. Again, this is about making the most of your limited time in the spotlight. It’s aimed mostly at people who don’t visit Facebook on a daily or hourly basis. Now, the follower who checks his page three days later won’t see contest that’s already over or the expired coupon in his feed. Not a game changer but it’s neat and clean.

Giving People What They Want

Finally, there’s Smart Publishing which, at the moment, is only available for the select few. It’s based on the idea that you the publisher have no idea what people want to see, so the tool examines your website to find the most popular posts then shares them with your Facebook followers without you having to do a thing. It’s both nifty and bothersome at the same time, especially since those auto posts won’t appear on your Facebook Page. The only way you’ll know they’re happening is by checking your analytics.

For a long time, it seemed like Facebook was intentionally discouraging free branded posting in order to encourage paid posts. So, these free tools are a real turnaround. Will they do any good? If you have a large number of followers on your Page, I think they will help you reach more people, more of the time.

  • Thanks Cynthia,

    Even though I’ve been on Facebook for several years now I just did not know that Facebook had rolled out these content targeting tools.

    This information as really added value to me. Being able to target specific people from within my followers, people whom I know ought to respond positively to my FB Ad is a real advantage. If used judiciously, and deftly, I will see an appropriate positive change in the responses to my FB Ad campaign.

    Having an expiry date on FB posts is something I’ve wanted for a while now. I conduct free workshops in Digital Marketing and I’ve often had people indicate that they want to join workshop that is already over.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    Ivan Bayross