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Gamer MattMatt is a casino gamer from Tennessee. He likes Walmart, Adam Sandler, Criminal Minds and Dr. Pepper. He’s 34 and when he’s not playing games, he’s researching home improvement ideas for the fixer-upper he recently bought.

As much as this sounds like a dating profile, it’s actually a marketing profile, which, come to think of it, are kind of the same thing.

Matt is just one of the 59.9 million people who play casino games on Facebook every month and he could be your best customer.

The average Facebook gamer isn’t the person you imagine when you hear the word. As a matter of fact, there isn’t just one type of “average Facebook gamer“, there are at least six.

Strategy gamers are the most active. It’s the fourth most popular game type but 74% of strategy gamers log on at least 6 days a week. The overwhelming majority are male and under 35 years old. Most switch between devices but they have the largest concentration of mobile only users. The average strategy gamer loves loud music and exciting movies and if you offer him a ticket to a football game (European football, not the American kind) he’ll jump at the chance to be in the center of the action.

Marina gamerStrategy and Action gamers are the ones that most closely resemble the image we all have of the typical gamer. But let’s look at the Hidden Object fans.

27.7 million monthly users log on to find objects hidden in plain sight. Marina is one of those. Like the majority (61%) of Hidden Object gamers, she’s female. She’s 32 and she lives in Brazil. She’s a fashionista and loves to look up the lyrics to her favorite songs so she can sing along. She loves deals because they make it possible to buy the luxury items she craves.

Not really the “typical” gamer, is she?

The point Facebook is trying to make is that gamers are consumer’s too. They may spend a lot of money on entertainment products, but they also buy clothes, groceries and gifts. And since they’re on Facebook a lot, they’re prime targets for your Facebook ads and brand pages.

There’s also a flipside to this. If you’re in the game business, you can use these profiles to customize the ads for your own games. For example, US casino gamers tend to like country music, so maybe you should change your soundtrack to something a little less Rolling Stones and little more Tim McGraw.

Finally, if you’re looking to expand into the global market, gamers are your golden ticket. “At least 69% of the people who play the top 6 genres on Facebook do not speak English as a first language. Portuguese and Turkish are the most common languages, corresponding with Brazil and Turkey joining the United States on the list of the top 10 grossing markets.”

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