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SUPA8119The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is officially open for business so everyone is talking tech this week.

CES is like the “window to tomorrow” pavilions at the World’s Fair. Some of what you see is wishful thinking that won’t ever make it into our homes but a few items will be the most sought after gifts for Holiday 2015.

Overall, there are three big trends; Internet of Things, Personal and Mobile, and 3D Printing. Yesterday, we started the conversation about how these tech trends will impact marketers, so let’s keep it going.

And going. . .

lenovo-tablet-yoga-tablet-2-8-inch-windows-hang-mode-1Lenovo is taking portability to a new level with their Yoga Tablet. This laptop / tablet hybrid can be used four different ways; hold, tilt, stand and hang. Yes, it has a tab so you can hang it on the wall. It can literally stand in for a work of art. Even crazier is Lenovo’s “Any Pen” technology that allows you to work on the tablet with any pointy object including a knife, screwdriver or an actual pen. This makes it much easier to do small work with whatever you have at hand.

This kind of versatility is going to have even more people cutting the cord on their PC. The upside for marketers is that lighter and easier means more people will be connected (and seeing your ads) more of the time.


The Internet of Things refers to a wide range of devices that use network connectivity to process data and take action without human intervention. For example, a sensor that learns what time you come home on different days of the week, then turns on the lights and the air conditioner in time for your arrival.

The LA Times says there are 900 IoT exhibitors at CES 2015; the largest they’ve ever had.

Some of the items at the show include a WiFi tea kettle that you can start remotely from anywhere in the house, workout clothing that reports your actions to your trainer and a door peephole that snaps a picture of anyone who knocks.

Now, the actions of these gadgets might not be of interest to a marketer, but how about the data they collect? IoT devices are designed to collect information about the user and you know how much consumer data is worth. Of course, there are privacy issues and security issues but if Facebook can sell you ads based on the personal relationships of users, someday Samsung will figure out a way to do it, too.

jetsons460As BK Yoon of Samsung says, “It’s 2015 and we are going back to the future.”

I think a Jetsons reference would be more on the money.