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firefox_download_v2Google Search Share Drops After Firefox Switch!

Yahoo U.S. Search Share Surges On Mozilla Move!

Yahoo takes a big bite out of Google’s search share, catching up to Bing!

Cats and dogs living together. . . mass hysteria!

Stop. Take a breath. It’s not the end of the internet as we know it, it’s just a slight shift in the search force that’s so new and different it has journalists all riled up.

Here’s what’s really going on. In November of 2014, Mozilla announced that for the first time in 10 years, Yahoo was going to be the default search engine on Firefox.

On December 1, Google handed the baton over to Yahoo and people who didn’t know how to switch their default engine began searching through the site most people thought had died out with GeoCities and the original MySpace.

As a result, this happened: (courtesy of StatCounter)

StatCounter us-search-share-dec

Google fell to the lowest monthly share since StatCounter started stat counting back in 2008. Yahoo soared to heights it hasn’t seen since 2010. Bing had a small gain but remained in the spot they’ve occupied for awhile – second place.

Google has nothing to worry about. If anyone at the company got hung out to dry over a decrease from 77% to 75% then the one who did it needs to get his priorities straight. Google is still the king of search and its reign is not likely to end any time soon.

Bing, (my new second favorite search engine thanks to the loyalty points) is the one that needs to worry. Yahoo is now within striking distance. If this trend continues, and it should as more people migrate over to the new Firefox, Yahoo has a good chance of bumping Bing out of second.

Here’s my issue; it’s not that I don’t believe the fine folks at StatCounter but I couldn’t find a second, independent source to back up these numbers. If you’ve seen one, let me know in the comment section.

How much impact this switch to Firefox will have in the long run remains to be seen. Right now, Firefox itself isn’t the trending marvel it used to be.


This chart from Shareaholic shows the Firefox has been losing ground. Firefox has been my browser of choice for a long time but Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer all have a higher percentage of users. That’s probably why Yahoo started pushing people to “upgrade to Firefox” every time they hit a Yahoo site from any other type of browser.

I’d say, stay tuned for more of this story but honestly, you already know the end. Spoiler alert. Google wins.