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If you’re looking for a quick primer on how to fix your Google reputation, Reputation Refinery (owned by Andy Beal) has put together an infographic that does just that–help you repair a damaged search engine reputation.


Download Reputation Refinery’s Google Reputation Repair Kit infographic.

  • dungmedia

    a facebook account can spending money, how much maximum in a day?

    Hi everybody !!!
    I am a member of this site, today I want to share with you a helpful information.
    because a lot of people ask me: a facebook account how much the maximum spending a day ?.
    I would like to respond now has two categories facebook account used for business purposes: personal accounts and agency accounts.
    + A personal account: maximum spend $ 5,000 / day and there are many benefits from this account: you get benefits:
    _ raise traffic
    _ reach is also higher than personal acc
    _ processing is faster, less prone ads approval

    – Deciding the account’s budget
    – Unlimited spend
    – Increasing profits, sales.
    – Optimizing ads campaign on Facebook
    – prioritized support to help customer when you have problems with account.
    if you want to know more details about the account, or pm me: skype: nguyendung6593

    I’m happy to help.
    good luck to you !!!

  • Avoid pro nouns – very important – appearing authoritative is key – writing in a casual manner does not disarm people – actually quite the reverse – it tends to raise red flags that you are not professional. Another great source Andy!

  • Hi there Andy,

    You really made this post simple, and easy understandable, especially the infographic about Reputation Refinery’s