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Linky Goodness, 7 October

We bring you some linky goodness
We bring you some linky goodness
We bring you some linky goodness
So you’ll have the news!

Now bring me some figgy pudding!

Linky Goodness, March 4

Jordan often does a great job covering for me, when I’m unable to post a Pilgrim’s Picks. Today, I noticed no Linky Goodness and started to shake!

So, I’m getting to post my first–and probably last, when Jordan sees this–Linky Goodness. w00t!

There, that’s better! I feel all Linky now. ;-)

Linky Goodness, December 18

Guess what, everybody? Today is a very special day. It’s the one year anniversary of when I started posting for Marketing Pilgrim! (Ironically, my very first post, other than the SEM Scholarship Contest, was debunking Cyber Monday. . . .) 500+ posts later and here we are at an institution: Linky Goodness.

Now, I haven’t forgotten the Linky part of Linky Goodness in my nostalgic ramblings. Celebrate the day with more marketing news. (Oh, actually, that’s a little depressing. Go track down a cookie for me, will ya?)

Linky Goodness, January 24

Here’s our newest hit, “Linky Goodness”:

Oh, come, Linky Goodness,
Come and link around the Internet
Oh round out the day with those la-ast few links
So I can feel informed!

Now, can you name that tune?

Linky Goodness, June 10

I still say we need a linky goodness theme song. Yes?

Linky Goodness, June 30

The last linky goodness of the month. But don’t worry—we’ll be back next month with more goodness for your linky enjoyment!

  • Search Insider takes a look at yummy data. I heart data.
  • Speaking of data, Matt Cutts posts on the Official Google Blog about Using data to fight webspam. Danny Sullivan points out in the comments on SERoundtable that the reason this article came out now was probably because Google’s facing criticism from the EU for storing data, and they want to justify data storage by showing that it improves their results.
  • In case you missed it, the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog posts about the update to the SEO guidelines, which previously focused on SEO scammers—but now acknowledges that there are lots of legit SEOs out there that can get real results.

Linky Goodness, November 2

I know you’ve missed it, so here it is—Linky! Goodness! Linky! Goodness!

  • Yahoo finally apologizes for getting a Chinese Dissident jailed: Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal coverage of the Wall Street Journal story (sub req for WSJ).
  • In what appears to the be first serious Net Neutrality challenge, Free Press and other groups are bringing Comcast to task (or, rather, to the FCC) for secretly imitating users and blocking uploads to programs like BitTorrent. Coverage by the AP and CNET
  • It looks like it’s finally happening: Time Warner Embracing Plan To Break Up Company, including sacrificing “parts” of AOL.
  • CNET speculates about Facebook’s ad futures