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Will You Hurdle the New York Times’ New Paywall?

The famous Monday Night Football announcer Don Meredith (R.I.P) used to sing when the game was all but over “Turn out the lights, the party’s over!”. Well, if he were here today he could sing the same tune regarding the days of a completely free New York Times online edition.

As of March 28th the paywall will be built and the grand experiment for “All The News That Fit to Digitize” will be underway. Here’s how the Times reported their own news.

Beginning March 28, visitors will be able to read 20 articles a month without paying, a limit that company executives said was intended to draw in subscription revenue from the most loyal readers while not driving away the casual visitors who make up a vast majority of the site’s traffic.

New York Times Putting More Bricks In Paywall Discussions

New York magazine is reporting that the New York Times could be announcing its own move to a paid subscription model as early as this week. If this is the case, we may see more of the dominoes fall in this tenuous conversation. It seems that whenever anyone discusses even the threat of paid content online, a hush comes over the room and people start to whisper like they do when your creepy uncle shows up at the family reunion. Well, whether this is the time or not, this could be the year where content makes a break from the free world to either save itself or crash and burn in spectacular fashion for all to watch.

Content Wars: eBooks Falter But New York Times Paywall is a Hit

Have you ever read Thunderstruck by Erik Larson? Published in 2006, it’s the true story of how Marconi’s wireless helped capture one of England’s most notorious killers. I went to buy a copy from Amazon last week and here’s what I found:


I could have the ebook delivered instantly to my Kindle for $11.99. If I was willing to buy it used (I was) and wait several weeks for delivery, I could buy it for one cent. I’d have to pay shipping, but with media rates it would still come in under $4.00. $8.00 more to get it now or save the money and get a copy that I can later turn in for credit at the local used book store.

The New York Times: Will Less Equal More?

The New York Times recently cut their digital reader freebies in half. Previously, a person could read up to 20 online articles a month without having to subscribe. Now, once they hit 10 articles, they’ll have to subscribe in some way in order to access more.

Obviously, their hope is that this will increase their number of digital subscribers, because they really need them.

According to CNET, the Times has 454,000 digital subscribers, but more than half that number came on board just after the paywall went live. That means they’ve seen a slow down in subscriptions when numbers should be increasing with time.

Readers Hit New York Newsday Paywall Then Turn Around and Walk Away

All of the talk of paywalls for online content that gets the bulk of the attention by the ‘press’ is focused mainly on large publications like the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. These publications have international readership and have significant influence when it comes to coverage of the major events in the world as well as in the business arena. Because of this significant influence many believe that the paywall discussion is valid because people need these sources to stay informed.

What about paywalls on the local level though? How will more localized papers fare when it comes to asking people who do not subscribe to the publication to pay to see the content online? If the results at New York Newsday are any indication its not a pretty picture.
Crain’s New York Business tells us just how bad it is