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Kai-Fu Lee Leaves Google; Soft Snickering Heard in Redmond

The man that gave Google one of its biggest legal headaches, is leaving the company.

According to the WSJ, Kai-Fu Lee, president of Google’s China operations is leaving Google to work on his own start-up. You may remember that Lee, was smack in the middle of a legal battle between Microsoft and Google over allegations that he breached his employment contract, when he took on the job of helping Google with its efforts in China.

The two companies settled in 2005, and since then Lee helped Google build its Chinese search share to 20%–measly compared to Baidu’s 76% dominance–but still a big improvement for the company.

Of course, Google’s moving quickly to ensure Lee’s departure is not too much of a setback. Lee shoes will be filled by two people–those must have been big boots!–and Google will double the size of its sales force in China.

Kai-Fu Lee + Google vs. Microsoft, Resolved

Microsoft, Google, and Kai-Fu Lee have reached a settlement that all parties have agreed upon.

For those that may not know…

“Lee had worked at Microsoft since 2000 and helped develop its MSN Internet search technology, including desktop search software rivaling Google’s. Lee joined Google in July to lead the search engine’s expansion into China…”

Must be nice having two of the largest and most competitive companies in the world fighting over you.

Judge to rule Tuesday in Kai-Fu Lee case

CNet has the best summary of today’s closing arguments in the ongoing Google/Microsoft law suit.

The more you read about it, the more you can read between the lines that really Microsoft just hates Google and wants to mess with their plans. By hiring Lee, Google gave Microsoft the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Google Wins First Round of Dr. Lee Battle

According to Google’s Associate General Counsel, Nicole Wong, the company has won a ruling that will allow Dr. Kai-Fu Lee to immediately begin work.

The war is not over yet, as CNet explains.

Hat-tip Dr Steven Gelbard

Ex-Microsoft Exec Alleges Incompetence Forced His Move to Google

AP has details of former Microsoft Corp. executive Kai-Fu Lee’s testimony. Which includes…

The former executive testified that one of the lowest moments of his career with Microsoft was a conversation in which Gates yelled at him and said that the company had been “f—–” by the Chinese people and its government. Lee did not clarify the context of Gates’ comments.

Seems there is no love lost between Google and Microsoft. This is better than The Young and the Restless.

Google Fails to Move Microsoft Suit to California

According to PC Pro, Google has failed in its attempt to have the case brought by Microsoft over its ex-employee Kai-Fu Lee to be heard in California.