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10 Reasons to Develop for Android First

As part of our desire to help our readers see more of the Internet and social media marketing landscape we will be bringing in guest authors who can give you a point of view that only they can bring to the table.

Today, Craig Palli of Fiksu tackles the most vexing question for mobile developers “Do I develop for iOS or Android first?” Be sure to add your voice to the comments.

There is a widely held belief in the mobile ecosystem that app developers should build for iOS first. There’s no doubt that Apple’s first mover advantage in the app space and its built-in mechanism for monetization have made it an attractive place for developers to place their resource bets.

Google Claims Greater Security for Android Market

Maybe 2012 will be the Year of Online Security? There seems to be some talk about it these days and that is a good thing. We like to get excited talking about all the latest ways to communicate and the gadgets that enable that communication. We are all about getting the message across and finding out who did what and why online.

As marketers that is perfectly acceptable and good. It’s our job. An increasing part of that job, however, is the responsibility of ensuring the relative safety of our businesses in the online space. That seems to be more precarious than ever especially with the extensive movement into the mobile space.

Could An Amazon Android Market Tip the Mobile Scales in Google’s Favor?

This year is going to be a very contentious one when it comes to the world of mobile. As everyone continues to jump on board the question is always about who will dominate. RIM actually is still in the lead but that will end this year for sure. Android is leading the charge of current activations (about 300,000 per day) while Apple’s iPhone still leads the Android platform overall by an ever slimming margin.

Aside from the service provider issue (AT&T, iPhone, Verizon soap opera) the biggest difference between the world of iPhone and the Android is the open nature of the Android and the closed system of the iPhone. Both have their benefits. The other difference is their app experience from purchase to quality and all stops in between.

Are Developers Starting to Think Android First for Apps?

Today the WhitePages will be launching its latest app, Localicious. Considering the rate of apps appearing in the marketplace these days that’s not news.

What is interesting, however, is where the app will appear first. Rather than going the ‘traditional’ route of iPhone then Android, the WhitePages have reversed the order and the reason is pretty simple: it’s easier to plan a launch around Android launches versus trying to manage the Apple app approval process.

All Things Digital reports

Apple’s approval process is just too difficult to time a launch around. As evidence, the Seattle company notes that one of its apps, a reverse phone lookup directory, has been in Apple’s hands for the past two months awaiting approval. So, this time around, the company decided to go Android first.

Android Has Upper Hand in Mobile Marketshare

There sure is more doubt about the vaunted position of Apple in the marketplace these days, isn’t there? Whether it is warranted or not is a discussion for Android and Apple fan bois to fight out on neutral turf somewhere else.

What seems to be trending though are reports like this that comes from Strategy Analytics which show Android being quite dominant in 2012.

Global Smartphone OS Shipments and Market Share Q4 2012

TechCrunch reports

Commenting on the results, Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, described Google’s platform as the “undisputed volume leader” of the smartphone industry. ”Android’s share of the global smartphone market has surged… crushing Symbian, Bada and other platforms in its wake,” he said in a statement. “Android’s challenge for 2013 will be to defend its leadership, not only against Apple, but also against an emerging wave of hungry challengers that includes Microsoft, Blackberry, Firefox and Tizen.”

Facebook Cozies Up to Android Developers

Apparently Facebook is still out there trying to do business but at an important conference like Google’s I/O event they have managed to be much more private than their 450 million users’ data. Of course, that doesn’t take much these days now does it?

All Facebook reports on Facebook’s efforts to work with the Android development community in ways that may surprise some.

Facebook announced new mobile social networking functionality for the Android platform this week. At Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, executives routinely made fun of Steve Jobs and Apple, but Facebook’s role in the drama was overlooked by the press. Facebook’s mobile development team soft launched a Facebook SDK for Android, bringing functionality that was previously only available on the iPhone to the Android platform. It gets better: Facebook gave the Android platform a de facto exclusive on two of its newest initiatives: Open Graph APIs and OAuth 2.0.

Offline Maps for Android Goes Live

Now you can get a map of an area downloaded to your Android device so that map can be viewed offline. As we see this is only for Android devices (at least for now) the divide between iOS and Android grows wider and wider.

Along with this announcement comes an improvement in the Street View functionality as well. The Google Lat Long blog tells us