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What’s Ahead for

I guess we’re all getting a little tired of writing about Google. Ask has been on the forefront of more than one person’s mind lately. logo Jennifer Laycock asks whether Ask is On Fire, or Going Down in Flames? Good question. She points to Nielsen//NetRatings’ April results which show Google’s market share at 55.2%, up 48% over last year—and Ask’s market share at 1.8% and actually down 2.3% (or down half a percentage point) from last year.

Josh Catone on Read/WriteWeb asks whether Ask’s future should be search (riffing on Allen Stern of CenterNetwork’s plan to get back on track). Josh suggests that they should focus on their advertising products instead. It’s not a bad idea.

Another Ask Commercial: Better, But That’s Not Saying Much

Ask has a new television commercial. And, yep, it’s . . . disappointing. Yes, the Lisa makes incredible points about how they’re still objectifying the opposite sex and how googling ogling Kato Kaelin is just plain weird. And yes, their campaign since hiring CB+P has been disjointed and disappointing. But since she’s covered all that so well, I hardly have anything to add. So I’ll quote her:

I get that they’re trying to be funny and lighthearted and warm and fuzzy-inspiring, but they’re failing. They’re failing so bad that they’re insulting the people they’re supposed to be attracting. Instead of me becoming an outspoken brand evangelist telling you how great is, I’m sitting here fuming over their ads. When do users get to search for something intelligent? Do we always have to be idiots?