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Belgium Back on the Map With New Copyright Lawsuit

It’s been more than a year since the Belgian newspaper industry has been the focus of any attention, so its suing Google (again) for $77 million.

Specifically the Belgian copyright defense group Copiepresse is the one doing the suing, according to Reuters.

The dispute is over Google’s reproduction of extracts from Belgian newspapers on its search engine. Copiepresse made available to journalists a copy of a summons dated May 23 requesting damages and interest from Google.

But Andy–I hear you ask–I thought this was all resolved? Me too, but apparently not to the liking of Copiepresse.

Google had appealed the ruling but agreed at the same time to try to negotiate an agreement outside of court. Google had resumed referencing the Belgian Web sites after they changed their tagging system.

Pilgrim’s Picks for June 25 – Tugboat Edition

I met with a friend for coffee this morning and we discussed coaching/consulting. I plucked an analogy from the air, that he really liked, but I couldn’t think where to write it down–so I don’t forget it.

I’ll share it here, so anyone can use it.

A consultant is a tugboat at a busy harbor. The ship (client) could eventually find its own way to the dock, and may even manage to pull into a slip. However, the tugboat is there to give gently nudges in the right direction, ensure the ship avoids any shallow dangers, and actually berths at the right slip.

So says Andy “the tugboat” Beal. ;-)

OK, now for today’s Picks:

Google Suggest on Steroids

Friday, Google announced new Universal Search features for Google Suggest. The query-finishing prompter used to only suggest completed or related queries as you typed:

The new Google Suggest has way more than just words to offer. Google announce ten new Universal Search shortcuts available right in Google Suggest.

Just start typing in a query that falls into one of these categories, and you’ll get the answer to your question before you can even click.

google suggest universal

Many of the suggestions also feature more “universally” features including weather icons and links in addition to the answers. These suggestions are available for weather, flight status, local time, area codes, package tracking, answers (like [what is the capital of Belgium]), definitions, calculator, currency and unit conversions.

YouTube Celebrates Seven Years of User Generated Content

May 20th was YouTube’s 7th birthday. Oh, our little baby is growing up fast, isn’t he? Seems like only yesterday he was learning how to walk without falling down, feed the animals without getting attacked. . . ride a bike without hitting a telephone pole.

What’s truly extraordinary about YouTube is that he’s growing at three times the rate of a normal child. Users upload 72 hours of video per minute these days which means you couldn’t watch every minute of every video even if you wanted to. Not that you would want to.

Sure, there are plenty of fun and helpful videos on YouTube but no matter how hard they try to lift their reputation, they’ll always be known as the home of stupid people doing stupid things. And that’s okay, because we all need a good laugh, even if it is at the expense of others.

Unruly Reveals the Top Brands and Concepts on the Social Video Charts

If you want to know what’s happening in the social video space, look no further than Unruly’s Viral Video Chart. This constantly changing Top 20 list is a window into the wacky world of online video but it’s also proof of the enormous power behind this new kind of media.

Take a look at this chart which shows the most shared social video brands of the past year.

unruly most shared brands

I was surprised to see Google on the top of the list because I couldn’t think of a single “Google brand” video. So I went searching and found. . . ironically, that they just released their annual Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review. This video encapsulates all of the most searched stories of the year in under 3 minutes. It’s very inspiring. So here’s one more share for Google who climbed six places to make the top of the viral chart.

Google Makes Maps Embeddable, Adds YouTube to News

Andy is off gallivanting around, leaving me here to do all the dirty work. Stupid conference. So,
time for the daily dose of Google news.

Google Maps Now Embeddable
Google announced today on their Lat Long Blog that Google Maps will now features embeddable HTML for Google Maps, similar to YouTube’s embeddable videos.

To embed your map, create the map in Google Maps: directions, business listings, photos, or whatever else you want to include. Google Lat Long Blog offers a few examples of how this service might be used, including to indicate a business’s location on their website, or to share your geotagged photos.

link to this page code
Once you’ve created the map, click on the “Link to this page” in the upper right corner. As with YouTube, the embed HTML appears so you can cut and paste the code (an iframe) into your blog or website.

Google Faces Legal Action from Australian Government

It’s one thing when a company decides to sue Google. Google’s typical “we believe the claims are without merit and we will defend them vigorously” statement, usually sends a strong message that the search engine will bring out the big-guns in defense.

But what happens when the lawsuit is filed by the Australian Government? All of a sudden, we can’t automatically assume Google’s going to be victorious, can we? That’s the scenario Google is facing after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – the Ozzie Government consumer watchdog – filed suit against Google for misleading and deceptive conduct in their AdWords ads.

The case also includes the company who’s ads the ACCC is challenging. Here’s an excerpt from the filing: