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BlogRush Offers Free Syndicated Blog Traffic

If someone has told me that I should try out a service that provides traffic to a blog, based on you showing the RSS feeds of other blogs, and earning syndication credits for each new person I refer, I would have dismissed it as some kind of blog multi-level-marketing pyramid scheme.

However, enough bloggers have pinged me about BlogRush–including Mrs Beal and Bonnie–so I thought I’d check it out.

How does BlogRush work?

BlogRush Battling Bozos

I’m still not seeing anything more than a handful of clicks from the BlogRush network and the service is still struggling to deliver the syndication credits it owes us. At least BlogRush has emailed its users acknowledging their concerns and also admitting that “bozos have come out of the woodwork and are trying to cheat the BlogRush system.” No, really?

Here are the steps BlogRush says they’re taking to cut down on the spam and increase the quality of the network.

1. We’re moving to a MANUAL REVIEW process. No more automation. We will be reviewing ALL blogs submitted to BlogRush. If the quality of the blog is poor, they will not be allowed to participate. We’re going to start reviewing ALL the blogs that are currently in our network and will be disabling the accounts for poor quality blogs.

BlogRush Finally Adds Reports But Traffic is Very Poor

So, here’s the latest episode in the BlogRush saga.

I’m now finally seeing some stats when I login to the service. Great!

Unfortunately, it shows that I’m giving BlogRush more than its giving back.

Credits Earned Last 7 Days: 11,827 (which is really less than 2 days)

Number of Syndication Credits Delivered: 1,715

Number of clicks: 3

Number of clicks showing in Google Analytics: 3

Ok, so the good news is that I’m seeing the stats and it’s matching up with my own analytics. But BlogRush has managed to deliver less than 10% of what it owes me in traffic, and the click thru rate is 0.0017%.

BlogRush Widget Termination T Minus 24 Hours

So, I promised that if BlogRush didn’t live up to the hype, I’d remove it tout suite.

Well, it’s been up since Sunday afternoon and here’s the number of referrals showing in my web analytics…



With that, consider this the 24 hour countdown to the nuking of BlogRush from this site. If I don’t see any significant referrals in the next 24 hours, it’s gone! ;-)

Video: Is BlogRush Legit or a Scam?

In this week’s episode of Marketing Pilgrim Live kicks off with my thoughts on BlogRush. Is it legitimate or will it turn out to be nothing more than a scam? I don’t hold anything back, so check it out. ;-)

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