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Facebook to Step Up AntiPerv Efforts

Three weeks ago, the New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced he was subpoenaing Facebook to learn how the social networking site dealt with users who were reported for sexually soliciting underage users. The notice came after New York conducted an undercover operation posing as teenagers on the site and reporting the illicit advances that adults made on their profiles.

Now, Facebook and the Attorney General have reached an agreement. Or, rather, as they called in at a press conference today, “a great cooperative effort that we hope the whole industry will follow.”

Appearing with the NYAG, Facebook VP and Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly, said the site had “slipped a little bit” when it came to safety concerns. However,

Social Site Sued for Harvesting Emails

tagged logoSocial site is facing the second big lawsuit over its registration process in as many months. First NY AG Andrew Cuomo (always a popular figure with social networks!) threatened to bring a lawsuit against Tagged for stealing emails and spamming “millions of Americans,” and now two women from California are suing Tagged for stealing their email contacts.

Okay, so maybe that’s not “big,” but it does stand to set a precedent.

In response to the NY AG’s similar accusations, Tagged founder Greg Tseng explained that Tagged’s registration process is abundantly clear, including several screenshots of the registration process (PDF), such as this:
tagged invite

Which could easily support either of these lawsuits, especially since the California case states

Linky Goodness, February 27

I’m so used to seeing Linky Goodness now that I have a little panic attack when I type it, worried that I’m usurping the Picks for the day. I can’t even remember my own link roundup’s name.

Ahem. Well, that glance into my psyche was . . . fun. On with the links, shall we?