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Consumer Watchdog Barks “Break Up Google!”

The online space is split up into two pretty distinct groups and the sizes of these two groups are far from equal.

On the one side are the people who use Google every day and for many reasons. Many times these people can get upset because their reliance on Google can cause a major hiccup (go see what Chris Brogan has to say today about this) For the most part, they have come to depend on Google to help run many aspects of their business and personal lives and are happier for it. I fall into that category for sure.

Nextag’s CEO Says ‘Darn You Google!’ in WSJ Op-Ed Rant

It appears as if this talk of Google’s monopoly in search is not going away for whatever reason. I have made my feelings very clear on this subject in the past. To recap, I think all of the FairSearch efforts and lobbying the EU as well as the US government in an attempt to label Google a monopoly and thus try to somehow regulate it as pure junk at best and “finger nails down a chalkboard” like whining at worst.

If you decide to read the entire Op-Ed piece from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Nextag’s CEO, Jeffrey Katz, you can draw your own conclusions as to where his argument fits in the Google monopoly fray. For me it’s the same shrill whine that has been spewed by everyone who feels they have been ‘wronged’ by Google or has a crazy entitlement attitude in a free market system. But that’s just me. Here is a sample of what Mr. Katz feels and let’s just say it’s not where I land in all of this at all.