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Dear Google, Enough With the Google+ Promotion Already!

It was Popeye whose famous line was “I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!”. It was about that time that he ripped open a big ol’ can of Spinach and started kicking some animated butt because things had gone just too far in his mind.

I think we need a Popeye to like reaction to Google’s ridiculous over-promotion of Google+. If you follow any of the internal Google blogs be it about Adwords, small business or whatever else the subject matter, it appears as if you can count on about 1/3 of the posts being the same post about Google+ that you saw on a different Google blog in the very recent past.

Google Plus and Authorship Impact on Search Listings

googleauthorshipA study released this week by found that postings from Google Plus personal accounts have seen a 10% increase in page 1 organic search placement in Google for the time period of January 2012 to May 2013. The analysis was performed by conducting personal brand searches (i.e. name searches) for 500 of the world’s top tech writers. Conductor found that 9 out of 10 tech writers in the analysis have a Google Plus account and 74% of those with Google Plus accounts had taken the step of setting up Google Authorship.

So They Have Google Plus Accounts. What’s the Big Deal?

Google Releases Google Plus Dashboards for Business Pages

googleplusGoogle released a new feature on Monday that will make the process of managing a company’s presence on Google a little bit easier. And they used Google Plus to do it. The new feature, called Google Plus Dashboard which was introduced in April but given a wide rollot yesterday, unites a company’s core information listings (Web address, physical address, phone number, store hours, etc.) and distributes it out to places such as Google Maps, Google Search and Google Plus.

It’s been no secret that the connection between a company’s Google Plus business page and its Google Plus Local (formerly Google Places) content was bad. So bad, in fact, Google took the step earlier this year of setting up a phone support center to help companies with the verification process. But even with all the “improvements,” many companies were left wondering what exactly they should do with a Google Plus business page AND a Google Plus Local page. With Dashboards, Google is attempting to give businesses more tools and better direction to answer that question.

Google’s SMB Achilles’ Heel: People

I wasn’t planning on posting today until I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Google has added sales people to sell to local businesses. The push is to move products like Boost and Tags for the local market.

The article says

Google Inc., which helped popularize the idea of automated ad sales on the Web, has been quietly turning to an old-fashioned tool—phone calls—to compete in the hot market for local business advertising.

The Internet-search giant this year has hired several hundred sales representatives to call U.S. businesses such as spas, restaurants and hotels to promote new advertising initiatives, people familiar with the matter said. The effort includes an office in Tempe, Ariz., with around 100 sales representatives, one of these people said.

The Anatomy of a Search Marketing Scholarship Contest

The last four weeks of Marketing Pilgrim’s Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest has been lots of fun. When I put together the idea for a scholarship, I wanted to find a way to give back to an industry that has been very good to me and help find the next top talent – you could call it “SEM Idol”. I was fortunate enough to find some great sponsors, who contributed over $6,000 in prizes and a panel of judges who are arguably the best in the industry.

I wanted to give everyone who entered a fair chance, so I crafted the contest to have two components:

Google and Marketing to the SMB

If you are an SMB owner or marketer and have been in the Internet marketing game for any length of time you know how strange it sounds to consider Google reaching out to you though marketing. It’s a well known frustration regarding Google that having something that has a pulse behind it rather than a blinking light to field questions or concerns or even give some general information often feels more like a matter of fate and chance rather than design. Of course, if you spend enough money in AdWords you may have spoken to someone but that’s another story (that’s called revenue).

Will Google+ Local Get Good Reviews?

Google continues to jumble up the search and social media landscape by today introducing Google+ Local. The ‘new’ offering is designed to replace Google Places but it does and doesn’t do that on several levels. Sound a bit confusing? Well, rather than us adding our two cents to an already crowded conversation let’s take a look around and see what others are saying about this change in the local Internet ecosystem.

First, from Google. Let’s call this the evangelical update.

Today, we’re rolling out Google+ Local, a simple way to discover and share local information featuring Zagat scores and recommendations from people you trust in Google+. Google+ Local helps people like my husband turn a craving—“Wow, I need brunch”—into an afternoon outing: “Perfect, there’s a dim sum place with great reviews just two blocks from here. Let’s go.” It’s integrated into Search, Maps and mobile and available as a new tab in Google+—creating one simple experience across Google.