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Widgets for Tracking Internet Trends

Hitwise, a company that offers their clients from around the world insight on how customers interact with competitive websites, has just launched a new widget called Hitwise To Go. This new widget is the first in a series of widgets to be launched by Hitwise, and its RSS-based service will provide information about user behavior for the US, UK, and Asia Pacific markets.

“Releasing our data via desktop widgets makes it easy for digital enthusiasts to stay informed about key online trends as they happen. They also serve as a gateway to access a full archive of online statistics and other publicly available Hitwise data sources such as the Hitwise Analyst Blogs and our Data Center.” said Tessa Court, chief marketing officer for Hitwise.

Hitwise Acquired by Experian for $240 Million

All of those great charts that Hitwise so freely provide us, have paid off big time for the web intelligence company. Information services provider Experian has announced their cash purchase of Hitwise for $240 million.

Experian is hoping to provide more internet intelligence to its client base, and the acquisition of Hitwise will help it do that, and more. While you may know Hitwise from all of their great analysis of web trends and site traffic, the company does a lot more than simply issue fancy charts. Collecting and aggregating information from 25+ million web users around the world, Hitwise watches more than a million sites and has more than 1200 clients including, Google, eBay, AXA and CBS News.

Why Does Hitwise Want Facebook to Kill Google?

Hitwise has been blogging its stats for over a month showing Facebook beating Google in all kinds of ways. At the beginning of February, they said that Facebook sent more downstream traffic to news sites than Google News. Last week, they had two such stories: Facebook eclipsed Google in terms of traffic and loyalty to those downstream news sites.

But a closer look showed that the traffic numbers looked a bit . . . massaged. Facebook’s numbers include all their traffic and capabilities—search, video, interaction, etc.—while Google’s numbers only represented pages, not YouTube or Gmail or Google News or any of their other properties (which compete directly with Facebook in many respects). And the returning visitor rate, shown below, may also be suspect, as Danny Sullivan observed in his stat rant on the subject.

Hitwise Dashboards to Consolidate Competitive Intelligence

Hitwise announces today their newest product: Hitwise Dashboards, “a new interactive report that enables marketers to review customized competitive intelligence information from a single page in the Hitwise interface.” These reports feature current information on marketers’ most important metrics.

The competitive reports include up-to-date information on:

  • The relative market share of their brand within [an] industry online
  • The sources of traffic among competitors’ sites
  • The percentage of traffic from affiliate partners
  • The brands and products that are top of mind among consumers
  • Demographic data and Lifestyle segmentation data

Last week, Hitwise announced the “Hitwise to Go” product to deliver online consumer usage information for journalists and academics via RSS. These announcements come less than a month after Hitwise was acquired by Experian for their Marketing Solutions business.

Hitwise Watching 2008 Candidates

Hitwise announced yesterday their new Election 2008 Data Center. With only fourteen months to the next election, it’s a darn good thing they started now.

Okay, joking aside, it is a good thing they’ve started now: everyone else seems to have started.

To be updated weekly, the data is based on Hitwise’s 10 million Internet users’ search and Internet behavior. Tessa Court, Hitwise’s CMO, stated:

As the Internet continues to evolve as a major communications channel for candidates and a platform for the public to research issues, we are delighted to share insights on how American Internet users react to political campaigns and policies online as the election unfolds.

Hitwise’s Data Center already features some good information, including the:

  • Top Presidential Candidate 2008 Websites

Hitwise: Google Gets >71% of Searches

hitwiseFor the first four weeks of November, Google fielded 71.57% of all online searches in the US, according to Hitwise reports today. They’re up a percentage point over their October 2009 numbers—but they’re the only one doing so well.

Yahoo, still #2 in searches served, fell three quarters of a percentage point—and when your share is down to 15.39%, that tiny change represents a drop off of nearly 5%. Bing, meanwhile, also fell in November, but only 2% (a quarter of a percentage point). Ask, that big winner, saw a 1% increase over October—but considering that’s a shift of 0.03 percentage points, maybe it’s not something that should go on their resume. The 52 other search engines Hitwise monitors accounted for 1% of searches.

Hitwise Features Help Search Marketers

Hitwise has some new features for marketers through their Search Intelligence™ product. The information is geared towards helping companies improve and plan their search engine marketing strategies.

Marketers can now see which of their competitor’s keywords are successful in driving traffic. The keyword analysis covers both paid and organic search terms. They also report on the fastest moving keywords or trends weekly to as to keep current on what customers are searching for.

The most valuable feature here is that the data is separated into paid vs. organic keywords. In general organic SEO takes longer but then they are permanent links that can build over time. I help companies with SEO blogs and many are hoping for a quick benefit. The money keeps going out but the results are slow to show up (though they do show up). Interestingly enough, education also plays into this (based on research I’ve seen). If you’re targeting a higher educated customer they’re more likely to be more savvy and skip the ads.