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Ad Exec: iAd …. It’s Really a PR Move

Marketers are wading through the many opportunities that exist in the mobile space and every day brings new shiny objects. One that received a lot of attention out of the gate is the iAd ad network from Apple. With its high production value and the “site within a site without leaving the site” approach it got everyone’s attention.

As with all things new and shiny you often have to wait until the dust settles to see what is really going on. Mobile Marketer reports from the digiday conference in New York City that at least one ad agency player, Jami Lawrence, associate director of mobile marketing at Publicis Modem, New York, may have nailed what is really going on with the iAd platform for now.

Why Apple’s iAd Didn’t Steal 50% of US Mobile Ad Spend

While the hype may have surrounded the oh-so-cool iPhone 4 announcement, Apple CEO Steve Job’s also revealed that its recently announced iAd mobile ad platform was doing quite well.

Not only has Apple secured big-name advertisers–such as AT&T, Best Buy, GE, JCPenney,  Nissan, Sears, State Farm, Target, and The Walt Disney Studios–but, according to a press release, has secured more than $60 million in iAd commitments.

Apple has iAd commitments for 2010 totaling over $60 million, which represents almost 50 percent of the total forecasted US mobile ad spending for the second half of 2010.

However you slice it, that’s a pretty impressive number for an advertising platform that’s not even live yet. However, I’d like to slice it this way: that $60 million does not, in fact, represent 50% of the mobile ad market!

Apple’s iAd Generating $1,400 Revenue a Day?!?

OK, you can take this with as many grains of salt as you wish, but one iPhone developer is claiming to have hit the jackpot with Apple’s new iAd format.

Posting his earnings to Hacker News, the app developer claims to have earned almost $150 in eCPM on the first day!

The question is, will iAd be able to sustain this kind of engagement or is there a novelty value at play here. The developer himself seems to think the latter:

This is from a utility app that was released today. I was quite surprised by the return, though I’m not sure if it will keep up. It seems that people may still be enjoying the novelty of iAds.

Still, almost $1,400 in one day? Not bad, Apple, not bad!

iAds Appear in the Wild

Apple’s mobile ad platform iAds are beginning to appear in apps with the ad for the Nissan Leaf leading the way. This is the same ad that was showcased by Steve Jobs during the iAd demo during the Worldwide Developers Conference last month. reports

Last week, we noted that developers had begin incorporating support for Apple’s iAd mobile advertisements into updates for their applications, with a few applications starting to show placeholder banners and test ads ahead of the program’s official launch on July 1st. Right on time, iAd advertisements have begun to go live, although their presence appears to be very spotty on iAd-compatible applications at the moment with banners appearing only occasionally while at other times the apps simply show blank space in the banner location.

Yep: Google’s Hoping iAd Will Get GoogleMob Approved

Apple finally officially made the leap into advertising on apps on its iPhone and iPad last week with the announcement of iAd. Of course, we’ve all been expecting that since they acquired Quattro Wireless—but it looked like no one was as excited as soon-to-be-full-on-rival Google.

As rumored, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is already telling the US government what iAds mean for the mobile ad market. And the bottom line for him? iAds mean the FTC should approve Google’s acquisition of AdMob.

Well, of course.

Google’s acquisition was announced in November. The next month, consumer groups lobbied the FTC, saying the deal would stifle competition in the mobile app ad market. Last month, the FTC turned to rival app advertising companies for feedback on the pending deal.

Microsoft Hopes Its New Mobile Ads Will Toast Apple’s iAd

Microsoft has paid close attention to the apparent early success of Apple’s iAd platform and it would like a piece of the action.

In fact, it believes its new Windows Phone 7 ad platform will be the best thing since sliced bread–seriously! It’s calling the platform “Toast!”

Windows Phone 7, due out for the holidays, will allow advertisers to push notifications about their products to people’s phones through a platform called “Toast.” Even when a company’s app is not active, a small ad box can slide down from the top of the phone’s screen to alert the user there’s an update or new offer from that brand.

Can’t Get Enough Ads? There’s an App for That

You know how people are always saying, “I wish there was a way to view only ads without that pesky content getting in the way?”

Okay, no one says that, but you have to admit that advertising is sometimes the most interesting and creative thing on the page. Not here at Marketing Pilgrim, certainly, but other places. That’s why Apple has released the new iAd Gallery App.

With the iAd Gallery App, you can scroll through a list of engaging iAds and watch them do their stuff. Because everyone deserves credit, the agency responsible for the ad is listed when you tap, along with a short paragraph explaining the ad function.

They also offer a neato browse wheel so you can flip through ads like a wheel of fortune. It doesn’t do anything different than the side scrolling version, but it sure looks cooler.