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Amazon Gets into the Tablet Biz with Kindle Fire

Last week, I succumbed to temptation and bought an iPad. Now, I’m wondering if I made a mistake because Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is looking mighty good to me.

Kindle Fire is just one of four new Kindle-based products Amazon is launching today. On the lower end, there’s a new lighter, smaller, Kindle. Finally, there’s a Kindle Touch (for all those people like me who keep trying to scroll through Kindle ebooks by touching the pages) and a Kindle Touch 3G.

The big news is the Kindle Fire, a highly media-focused tablet which comes with a very reasonable price tag — only $199. For that price you get full Kindle ebook functionality with the addition of video, music and full color web browsing.

Amazon to Offer Ad-Supported Kindle at Discounted Price

There are ads on my TV, my mobile phone and on the screen at the movies. Now Amazon wants to take over my e-reading experience as well. They swear the ads won’t actually butt in just as I reach a cliffhanger moment. And I do have to agree to it. Actually, I have to buy in to it, as the ad-sponsored Kindle is a product all its own.

Amazon calls it Kindle with Special Offers, a name which was obviously crafted to make the reader feel like they’re getting something good out of the deal. Instead of showing the usual Kindle book-themed screensaver, the new edition will show a full-page ad. Black and white, only. Remember, Kindle doesn’t do color. What’s even sillier is the Kindle Ad-Mash up which asks users to vote on their preferred ads and only “screensavers with the most preferred votes qualify to become sponsored screensavers.”

Can Kindle Resist Apple’s Attempt to Douse It?

Since its unveiling last month, the iPad has been labeled a Kindle killer. The parallels are obvious—the largest (and newest) Kindle has the same size screen, both have Internet connectivity, and both can be used to read books. But that just about sums up the Kindle’s selling points, and the iPad’s features list continues on out the door. So could a full-color touchscreen tablet computer and a B&W eReader really be considered the competitors the media continue to make them out to be?

Heck yes, if Amazon has anything to say about it. Last week, Amazon acquired touchscreen maker TouchCo. The small startup had developed a new way to add touch screen technology. (Kindle direct competitor the Sony eReader already has a touchscreen version, which outsells its cheaper alternative.)

Mayday! Mayday! Kindle’s New Customer Service Button Leaves All Other Tablets in the Dust

maydayI upgraded my iPad to iOS7 a couple of days ago and I couldn’t be more frustrated. There’s a lot to like about the new system, but there’s more that confuses me. . . and almost everyone else. How do I close programs? How do I get rid of that ESPN button on Safari? How do I add my buttons?

Three times in three days, I’ve had to call up YouTube videos to walk me through question after question. Where’s the user manual for this thing!?

The folks at Amazon understand my pain, so they created a brand new Kindle Fire HDX that solves all of those user problems with one button. It’s called Mayday.

Smart Device Activations Break Records on Christmas Day

Shoppers said they were going to be more cautious with their spending this holiday season, but that didn’t stop millions of people from putting iPhones, iPads and other smart devices under the Christmas tree.

Flurry detected a record number of smart device activations on December 25 – a whopping 17.5 million. That’s a 332% increase over the average. For those of you who are visual learners. . . .


This beats last years, record-breaking number of 6.8 million, single-day, activations.

Though smartphones usually out-do tablet activations, on Christmas it was a pretty even split with tablets squeaking ahead with 51%. Many of those tablets were iPads but Kindle did very well with their Kindle Fire line.

H-appy Holidays

Amazon Goes After Apple with Updated Kindles

While Apple builds the buzz over their up-coming press conference, Amazon has slipped in with some big news of their own. CEO Jeff Bezos met with the press this morning to unveil a new line of Kindle Fires and a new Kindle e-reader and what I saw made me weak in the knees. I love my iPad but Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is calling me with one feature I’ve been craving for a long while.

For the first time, Amazon shouldered its way into Apple’s space with a high end Kindle Fire HD model that retails for $499. This is well above the price points they were hitting and seems to go against the grain of Bezos statement:

“We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.”

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