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Video Training Will Make You an Internet Marketing Ninja

Internet Marketing NinjasHow would you like to be a ninja? No, not the black-masked, star-throwing kind, but the internet marketing kind!

Jim Boykin is already a legend when it comes to training internet marketing ninjas and now he’s compiled a series of marketing videos that are virtually guaranteed to make you an internet marketing expert in one weekend! Internet Marketing Ninjas offers over 15 hours of expert marketing training and advice from experts such as:

  • Andy Beal (that would be me)
  • Aaron Wall
  • Bill Slawski
  • Cameron Olthuis
  • Christine Churchill
  • Chuck Price
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Jim Boykin
  • Jim Gilbert
  • Jill Whalen
  • Lee Odden
  • Neil Patel
  • Todd Malicoat

That’s the Ticket! Target Rolls Out Their Digital TV and Movie Service

devices-402x209As the world slowly converts from DVD to Blu-ray, the digital side of the movie and TV industry is moving faster than anyone ever anticipated. When companies first talked about downloadable movies and streaming, folks said, why would I want to watch a movie on my computer? Then they trudged off to Blockbuster to rent the newest release.

Then Netflix came along and said, why drive when you can have a rental delivered to your mailbox? Redbox also found a compromise by putting DVD rental machine in the grocery store. Pick up dinner and a movie, all in one place.

So what’s more convenient than that? How about watching almost any movie or TV show instantly, any time of the day or night from almost anywhere. That’s digital.

LinkedIn Celebrates 3 Million Company Pages [Infographic]

linked in company 1LinkedIn started out as a place for career-minded individuals to network with other individuals but over the years it’s turned into the world’s biggest social network for everything business. They’ve added forums, mentor blogs, the ability to share videos and presentations. They also moved from the individual to the company with Company Pages.

According to their celebratory infographic, LinkedIn now has more than 3 million Company Pages, 500,000 of which were created in the past 12 months. Those pages represent 148 different industries and they range from think tanks to railroad companies and everything in between, beside, above and below. Dig around on LinkedIn and you can find The League of Paranormal Investigators, Inc, The Flipside Circus, and Tiny Paper Cranes – a non-profit that makes origami birds for charity.

The rest of the story

Here’s some of the news also going on in the search world now:

  • Google Blogoscoped features an FAQ of Google censorship, including a pretty comprehensive history of censorship by Google—and not just on Says Phillip Lenssen: “For the scope of this FAQ I’ll define censorship as missing results which are filtered for reasons of politics or regulations, not because they’re spam, non-family friendly, or copyright-infringements (though your mileage may vary).”
  • Today is Yahoo’s 12th birthday, according to Wired. That explains why they’re having such a hard time lately—they’re in the ‘awkward’ stage.
  • eMarketer reports that Facebook is tops with the 17-25 demographic (free on a limited basis). As a member of that demographic, I say, “Duh. MySpace is for my 15-year-old sister and child predators.” Females in the demographic name MySpace and YouTube as numbers 2 and 3, respectively. Males pick YouTube and Yahoo! as 2 and 3 (MySpace is #6—ight above Wikipedia).

Are SMB’s Just Confused About WOM and Social?

Small and medium sized businesses rely heavily on word of mouth and referral advertising. We all know that and the point has been made ad nauseum.

Even with that in mind it seems quite interesting to see the findings of a study conducted by SMB insurance provider Hiscox. Essentially it says that many small businesses don’t find social media important yet half of them say that they couldn’t live without referrals from word of mouth (WOM) sources.

eMarketer shared the Hiscox findings

Note that only 12% say they have to do it while only 24% said they get involved in social media when they have the time. The rest?Well, 64% of the respondents said they either don’t use it for their business, don’t know enough about or don’t give a rip at all!

A Christmas Wish List for 2011

Hey Santa! Is it too late to drop in a quick wish list for this year for Christmas? You see, I write about a variety of things in the Internet and social media marketing space and there are more than a few things I would love to get as a gift (or maybe see as a trend) so I figured why not, right? You’re in the “dream coming true business” so I just thought I would fire this off to you.

My 2011 Christmas Wish List

  • Could you make sure that the words guru, maven and ninja and any others like them would be stricken from the social media lexicon and no one can use them again unless they are OK with being mocked and ridiculed? Thanks!

SMB’s Continue to Increase Social Media Use

It comes as little surprise that among the SMB crowd, social media is gaining more and more traction. For many of the common reasons that SMB’s can be slower to adopt certain manners and methods of anything (lack of time, lack of resources etc) the adoption rate of social media offerings has been slow to get going but it’s going. A recent report from the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor (as reported by eMarketer) shows that the shift continues toward social media being an increasingly important part of the SMB marketing repertoire over the past 4 years.