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Early Returns for US Search Traffic are In. Bing!

bing-logo1What would be the best way for a research firm to get some notice in a market that has two or three dominant players that most turn to? Well, get the first numbers into the market place around how well Bing has performed for Microsoft. Reuters reports that StatCounter, a Dublin based research firm has done just that.

The company is based in Dublin and has published results that are based on 4 billion pageloads per month monitored through a network of websites. Drumroll please?

Bing, launched on June 3 but available to some users a few days earlier, took 8.23 percent of U.S. Web searches in June, up from 7.81 percent for Microsoft search just prior to its rollout and 7.21 percent in April, said Internet data firm StatCounter.

Bing Waves as It Passes Yahoo Search in First Week?

bing-logo-2-jWhile it is really early in the Bing v. All Things Search battle there are claims that Bing has surged past Yahoo Search to claim the number 2 search spot (of course, that tiny dot on the horizon is Google which isn’t even bothered by this kind of stuff). TechCrunch and others are talking about how this is, at the very least, a promising start for the folks at Microsoft as they try to be the Google Slayer.

Data from monitoring service StatCounter suggests that Bing, Microsoft’s new search decision engine, has overtaken Yahoo Search as the number two search service in the U.S. and worldwide in large part thanks to stealing market share from leader Google.

OK so let’s list the possible reasons for this happening:

Bing Holding Steady in September – Maybe, Kinda, Sorta

Confusing StatisticsBing is going to be a monthly issue apparently when it comes to reporting just how good, bad or indifferent their performance has been in the previous month. What does that mean? Well, it simply means that the reporting of results of what the market share is for the Microsoft search offering is going to be all over the map and one wonders what the real performance is after all is said and done.

Very early this month StatCounter got some press reported that bing had slipped considerably in September of ’09 (12 percent to be exact). This ‘report’ was met with some valid skepticism since the StatCounter folks seem to be setting themselves up as the ‘early reporters’ of search engine share. While they certainly are first to line with information it’s the whole accuracy thing that has many folks a little suspect of what is going on there. Even Hitwise reported a 5% drop in bing’s numbers in September.

Will “Bing Losing Sting” Have a Familiar Ring?

Google CrownI can’t decide if this is newsworthy or just our buddies over at StatCounter trying to get a little pub for themselves. Back in July they were reporting the June search engine numbers on the 2nd when every other reporting agency (Nielsen, comScore and HitWise) waited for their numbers to come in.

Now the Dublin based information provider is hitting the news with news that bing has suffered a greater than one percent drop in market share for the month of September. Even with that news a more revealing number could be the near 3 percentage points better that bing was in September of ’09 v. MSN Search and Live Search in September of ’08. eWeek reports

Is Chrome Ready to Really Overtake IE in Browser Wars (By One Account At Least)?

Normally we don’t pay too much attention to browser wars. After all, it is practically conventional wisdom that the once dominant Internet Explorer from Microsoft has lost its advantage. Actually that advantage was once a vice like grip on the lead in the browser wars because of Microsoft’s death grip on the desktop PC.

Fast forward to a world that is less about the desktop, more about the cloud and most about the services available in the cloud and you get the chart below that shows one week (based on data from StatCounter and no one else so do with it what you want) and we see Chrome moving ahead of IE.

This moment in time has apparently happened before as reported by The Next Web

EU Plays Hardball with Microsoft, $751M Fine for Browser Infractions

microsoft_logo_2012If you are Google you are taking a hard look at how the European Union just treated Microsoft when it deemed that the software company had crossed the line in their efforts to make their browser, Internet Explorer, the ‘go to’ browser for users in EU countries.

Reuters reports

The European Union fined Microsoft Corp 561 million euros on Wednesday for failing to offer consumers a choice of web browser, a charge that will act as a warning to other technology firms involved in antitrust disputes with the EU.

It said the U.S. company had broken a legally binding commitment made in 2009 to ensure consumers had a choice of browser, rather than defaulting to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Our Fling With Bing Has Lost Its Zing

It’s time for Microsoft to put the champagne back on ice: Bing’s market share gains are starting to evaporate.

StatCounter was the first to dare suggest that Bing was losing its sting, but now new Hitwise data suggests both Bing and Yahoo have lost US audience share in the past month:

At first glance, it looks like Bing has lost 5 percentage points of market share, but the "-5%" represents a 5% decline in its share. It dropped from 16.96% to 16.38% (not 16.96% to 11.96%).

We should note that deserves some credit for increasing its search share by 8% (from 2.37% to 2.56%).

Of course, this could be a blip–or perhaps Bing’s earlier growth was the blip–but what’s you take on this reversal of good fortunes?