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The Young & the Profitless: The Season Finale!

After a season of twists and turns, The Young & the Profitless comes to a dramatic season finale…

When it became clear that Brad (MSFT) was not the guy for Stacey (YHOO), she found herself in emotional turmoil, wondering what to do next. Grant (GOOG) was waiting in the wings, but Stacey couldn’t quite tear herself away from Brad’s charms.

After weeks of Brad trying to convince Stacey that she should “give him the milk for free, without him having to buy the cow” Stacey finally announced that she would have nothing more to do with Brad.

After placing a break-up announcement on (Nonofyour)BusinessWire, she called up Grant and told him that he was the guy for her.

The Young and the Profitless; Why the Yahoo/Microsoft Saga is Like a Daytime Soap Opera

Daytime soap opera writers need to take a long look at the Yahoo/Microsoft acquisition drama–you can’t make this kind of stuff up! Today, there are two interesting plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Let’s check in on today’s episode:

Previously on The Young and the Profitless…after telling Brad (Microsoft) that he’s just not her type, Stacey (Yahoo) started hanging out at bars, trying to pick up someone else–and make Brad jealous in the process. Grant (Google) sent a drink across the bar, and offered to wisk Stacey away for a two week fling of sun, sea, sand, and increased revenue from paid clicks.

Yahoo: Make Us an Offer (We Won’t Refuse)

the young and the profitlessSuddenly, I feel like I work for Soap Digest. But with the latest don’t-miss developments in The Young and the Profitless, we had to get a jump start on Season Two!

Last time, on The Young and the Profitless:

Despite Stacey’s (YHOO) recent marriage to Grant (GOOG; last season), Brad (MSFT) has decided he’s going to win her back, with or without her consent.

Meanwhile, Grant’s and Stacey’s marriage is really one of convenience to provide financial support for Stacey When faced with Brad’s emotional assault, Stacey turns to Tim (Time Warner) for help—but Brad has been trying to get Tim on his side to help woo Stacey once and for all. Who will win Stacey’s heart and search business?