Marketing Pilgrim Channel Sponsorships

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring one of Marketing Pilgrim’s content channels the best way is to contact us right now. We would be happy to discuss the options we have available to help you get your message to our readers.

Need more information?

OK, we understand that. Here is some quick data for you consider in making this important decision for your business.

What is a channel?

Simply put a channel is a grouping of posts from Marketing Pilgrim that are about a particular subject area.


What is a Channel Sponsorship?

When you sponsor a channel you are given the opportunity to frame our content with your message. All of our packages include the following ad sizes and positions.

Channel Heading: Appears at the top of the channel and each full post within that channel will be your logo, your message and a “no follow” link for conversion.

300 x 250 Ad: Appears at the top of the right hand column of all pages related to your channel

180 x 150 Ad: Appears on every page of Marketing Pilgrim and rotates position in the right hand column. It will also appear in rotation between post snippets #2 and #3 on the home page.

468 x 60: Appears at the end of each post in your channel.

Wait, there’s more ………

Getting your ads in front of the right people is helpful. We agree! But what else would you like to convey to prospects and customers alike? Thought leadership.

We give you a chance to exhibit your knowledge with the chance to produce up to two (2) posts per month to be part of the regular post offerings of Marketing Pilgrim. These are not advertorials. That’s not helping anyone. No, instead these are a chance to showcase your knowledge of your subject matter area and help people see that behind those ads are smart people.

Marketing Pilgrim holds final editorial say and most links are “no followed” so we can maintain the integrity of our editorial position. A small ‘price’ to pay to have your content appear on a blog that is consistently it the Top 25 of Advertising Age’s Power150.

Just the Facts Please

Well, you’ve read this far. You probably have more questions about Marketing Pilgrim. OK, well it’s at this point that we would like to speak with you.

Why? It’s pretty simple and straight forward. If you contact us to learn more then we know you may be serious about working with us. But more importantly, we can talk with you to learn exactly what your needs are and then we can craft a package that works for your business. We are not salespeople, we identify the best fits for your needs, our readers needs and our blog’s well being.

So CONTACT US TODAY. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together to help your brand move the needle.

P.S. Learn more about our audience by downloading this PDF.