More MSN Adcenter Upgrades Coming

If you are planning to make any changes to your Adcenter account on Saturday, you better make new plans

Dear Microsoft adCenter Advertiser,

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we are pleased to let you know about an upcoming Microsoft adCenter upgrade that offers new features to improve your online advertising experience.

Some upgrade highlights:

Now, use Microsoft adCenter with the Firefox 1.5 browser!
Daily, weekly, and monthly data will be updated on a more frequent basis to help you view results and optimize campaigns efficiently.
Filter the time frame for which you want your campaign and order summaries to show, instead of viewing them in the life-to-date format.
User-interface changes to the reporting tab will make it easier to use.

Help!!! I have been banned or penalized in Yahoo

Every once in a while a new client will come to Fortune Interactive with a banned or penalized website in Yahoo. Here are the steps that need to be taken to get your site re-indexed. Just to give you a heads up, this process may appear short on paper, but actually takes a lot of work and it may take months for your site to start ranking again in Yahoo.


Why were you penalized? Read Yahoo’s editorial guidelines. Go through it line by line and check your site for anything and everything that could be causing the issue. Were you using another SEO company that was using improper practices that you may not know about? Did your web developer/designer feel it would be a good idea to add text the same color as your background? Do you have multiple sites with duplicate content or massive crosslinking issues? As the site owner, you may not even know these practices are going on.

Google Adwords Video Ads Best Practices

Google adwords has released its Best Practices for their new video ads. These ads will appear in your content match results.

The real question is, is this the test before they start adding these video ads to the Google search results pages? If so, once they migrate to paid search video ads, what’s next?

People have been talking about actual “commercials” on the internet for a while, is this how it is all going to start?

Yahoo Delays Upgrade To Paid Search Interface

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article titled “Yahoo Net Plummets Almost 80%; Ad-System Upgrade I Delayed.”

Terry Semel, Yahoo Chief Executive, states “Given the complexity and importance of going to market with an application of this scale, it probably requires a little more time than we originally anticipated.”

Instead of the system being ready around the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2006, it will be delayed to the 1st quarter of 2007.

Will Google Follow Yahoo, For Once?

Yahoo will be changing to its new interface soon. It will be very similar to Googles interface, except for one really neat feature. According to a post on you will still be able see your competitors bids.

I think this is great, but would love for it to go even a step further and show click through rates (CTR) as well. Yes, with this information we will probably be able to figure out the rest of their criteria for positioning, but is this a bad thing? If my bid and CTR are the same as my competitor, yet I am ranking lower, I have a choice of either raising my bid or creating a better, more relevant, landing page. Either way Yahoo wins. If I raise my bid, they make more money, if I create a better landing page, their content improves for the user.

Dr. Google Sends Pain Relief

By Al Scillitani

Added 3:45 est July 14, 2006

WOW! is going crazy!!! For those “unbelievers,” here it is, the actual scanned letter. I am sure new comments will appear that I wrote it, but I am not sure how I can prove I did not. I guess you are going to have to take my word for it :) Al

UPDATE 2 (from Andy): Google has emailed me to confirm the letter was from them. The sender is Adam Lasnik, one of Matt Cutt’s search evangalists. Google certainly knows how to keep good relations with search marketers, and it just proves that Google thrives on word of mouth.

UPDATE 3: We told you! ;-) Google’s Adam Lasnik confirms he sent Al the stuff he needed to ease his headache.

Dear Google, You’re Giving Me A Headache

By Al Scillitani

Dear Google,

My head hurts. Almost everytime I log into an adwords account something has changed. I knew when I decided to enter the search marketing field over 5 years ago things would continually change. I found search engine optimization and paid search to be to interesting. I knew it would be a challenge to keep up with changes, but this is crazy.

How is a single adwords account owner supposed to keep up with all your changes? It is hard enough for a full team of specialists nevermind the small business owner that is maintaining their own adwords account. Just when I think I am all caught up, more news comes out about another new feature, tool, format, etc… or I log in and there it is. Oh my head!