Alan’s Angle – Is Yahoo! Entertaining You?

By Alan Johnson

I’ll be the first one to admit that things have definitely been interesting the last couple of weeks, with Yahoo! obviously in the spotlight: Microsoft’s bid, Yahoo’s letter to their shareholders, all of the merger scenarios and Microsoft’s unwillingness to raise their bid.

If I were to describe these events using just one word, it would have to be “entertaining”. Aside from the way things have unfolded, I personally find people’s reaction to be even more entertaining. Under such circumstances, it’s refreshing to observe how Google haters are trying to make this seem like the beginning of the end for them, how they live in denial and think that somehow, a competitor will put an end to their reign and make the Web a better place.

Alan’s Angle – Yahoo’s Reaction: Smart Business Move or Denial?

By Alan Johnson

Since I have previously explained exactly why, even if Microsoft and Yahoo! were to join forces, people shouldn’t necessarily expect this to be the solution which would somehow “save” us from Google’s domination, it’s time to analyze Yahoo’s reaction to Microsoft’s bid.

Basically, Yahoo! has let the folks over at Microsoft know that the bid is not exactly something they consider tempting and everything has culminated with the letter they have sent to shareholders, where they specify, in their own words, “that Microsoft’s proposal substantially undervalues Yahoo!”.

While, for a person who strongly (or even blindly) believes in Yahoo! as a company and who wishes to see Google’s position finally threatened the letter may seem like a breath of fresh air, a smart business decision which makes them stronger than ever, a person with at least a small trace of common sense should see things in perspective and think twice.

Alan’s Angle – Should Google Feel Threatened?

By Alan Johnson

First of all, I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and thank all of you for looking into the first guest post of my “Alan’s Angle” series, which will have covering the week’s industry-related highlights as the main focus, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo! will be in the spotlight today.

As usual, when an event of this magnitude occurs, it’s easy to get carried away. Sure, the thought of two important companies teaming up in order to put an end to Google’s reign, in order to make the Web a better place for advertisers, publishers as well as regular users is more than interesting, but aren’t we being just a little bit too optimistic?