Negative Comments on Unpublished Facebook Page Posts…Good or Bad?

facebook-icon 1Being Facebook advertisers, we all know a lot of social community managers and know what’s on their minds. Recently, many have been asking about negative comments on unpublished page posts, one of the newest (and best-received) advertising options on the platform.

Since the introduction of unpublished page posts on the newsfeed (more on how they work here), there are a lot more chances to see advertisements that some people want to comment on. Some comments are negative; some are positive. They range from totally necessary customer service requests to absolutely weird statements on the nature of the universe.

So, what are we as advertisers supposed to do about them? Are they negatively impacting a brand’s image on Facebook? The answer is of course that we don’t totally know yet. It’s both yes and no. But the quality of the comments – the relevance of the comments – does tell us something valuable about our targeting.

The Skinny on – and Solution to – Facebook Bots Traffic’s talk about bots, baby.

Last summer, many news sources heavily reported (many would say misreported) stories about a company claiming 80% of their Facebook ad traffic was coming from bots. A small company made a big fuss about it, and since then many have stated they were “way off”; no one to this day knows how much they spent, where they targeted, or who they targeted. There have even been companies that took the method this company claims brought them bots and tried it themselves to dispel the myth with data.

Regardless of the bad reporting, this topic brought up good points about bot traffic and made it the forefront of discussion for quite some time within the marketing and tech community, eventually forcing Facebook to talk about it, which is a good thing.