Are Lenders Finally Ready to Embrace a Reputation Score?

iStock_000004978052XSmallFor many years, I’ve shared the idea that banks and other financial institutions will soon use a social media score alongside the traditional credit scoring used by Experian and Equifax. Each time I talk about it, I expect someone to jump on the idea and build a scoring system that takes into account someone’s online reputation and social media activities.

At this point, it’s about as likely as us actually seeing “the year of the mobile.”

According to the WSJ, a lack of any central social score has not stopped fringe lenders from doing their own sleuthing.

Catch Andy Beal’s Keynote at ClickZ Live New York

ClickZ Live New YorkSearch Engine Strategies was the very first industry conference I attended and the first one to invite me to speak. Back in the day, you’d find me talking a lot about keyword research–too much actually. ;-)

That was over a decade ago and a lot has changed since then. So much so that SES has now rebranded to ClickZ Live. A smart move, when you consider that “search” now has many siblings–social, native, video, etc.

I’m delighted to announce that I will be delivering the Day 2 morning keynote on April 2nd. Reputation Roadkill: Learning From the Biggest Brands’ “OMG” Moments will be both fun and educational as I take you back through all the worst reputation mishaps of the past 12 months. Trust me, there are some amazing lessons to learn.

Yahoo Makes Advertising Easier, but Can It Make It Better?

Yahoo AdvertisingTaking a hiatus from her recent spending spree, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer used her CES platform to announce a rebranding of Yahoo’s various advertising products.

The new “Yahoo Advertising” brand has already won me over by not insisting we call it “Yahoo! Advertising”–boy those exclamation marks get old. As part of the rebrand, Yahoo is bringing together all of its advertising platforms under one umbrella–although it appears not all umbrellas will be the same.

First we have…

These new native and display ads are now available to large and small advertisers through a new simplified platform, Yahoo Ad Manager. Yahoo Ad Manager gives advertisers direct, hands-on access to Yahoo’s advertising products. Yahoo Stream Ads, Yahoo Image Ads and Tumblr Sponsored Posts powered by Yahoo Advertising are available today through a simple user interface that helps advertisers get ads online in a matter of minutes, with insights and analytics built in.

Twitter Co-Founder Launches Jelly, but Will It Go the Way of Aardvark?

JellyIf I were to bet on a company doing great things, it would be one founded by Biz Stone. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Biz and he’s one smart cookie–I’m stating the obvious considering he co-founded Twitter.

His new company is called Jelly and it’s an app that lets you share photos with your friends and ask them to identify the contents. Here’s how Jelly describes its use:

Say you’re walking along and you spot something unusual. You want to know what it is so you launch Jelly, take a picture, circle it with your finger, and type, “What’s this?” That query is submitted to some people in your network who also have Jelly. Jelly notifies you when you have answers.

2010 Called, It Wants Its Marketing Predictions Back

Just like ever other marketing company out there, Position2 has come out with their predictions for marketing in 2014. Seeing as they went to the effort to create an infographic, we thought we’d share them with you.

As you can see, mobile will be hot (again), content marketing is the new black, and we’re all going to sacrifice the “social” in social media in order to automate the heck out of everything.

What do you think will be the hot NEW trend for 2014. I think NFC and iBeacon could take off this year, unless we all get creeped-out by having our “browsing” habits tracked IRL.

Online Marketing 2014 Predictions

Personally, I prefer Dean Shaw’s 2014 predictions. :-P


The Last Two Men in the World to Realize Facebook Has No Privacy File Suit

Facebook Spies?Now here’s something novel, a tech giant being sued because of privacy violations.

Only this time, it’s not Google.

Two men have filed a law suit claiming that, get this, Facebook is violating its user’s right to privacy. Now, we’re accustomed to using the word “privacy” in the same sentence as Facebook, but there’s usually a “lack of” “no” or “we don’t need no stinkin” also included in said sentence. It should be pretty common knowledge that anyone that uses Facebook should do so without any expectations of privacy–no matter what the company’s actual privacy policy says. I know I always cringe when someone sends me something sensitive via a private Facebook message, because it’s just not that private.

Anyway, back to our two intrepid litigants…

The Pilgrim Returns

OK, let’s see if I can remember how to do this. ;-)

Marketing_PilgrimHowdy Pilgrims!

As you’ll see from yesterday’s post, Frank Reed is moving on up. For the past 3 years, Frank has guided Marketing Pilgrim, while I focused on building Trackur. Now that Trackur is established as one of the leading social media monitoring tools in the world, I’m able to come back and start blogging here once again. Actually, I had no choice, Frank was leaving regardless, so I had to come back. It just turned out the timing was good. :-)

The good news is you shouldn’t notice much difference in the quality of writing. If anything, Frank left big boots to fill as I’ve always been a fan of his ability to look beyond the superficial and really get you thinking about the news–all with a heavy dose of wit and rhetoric.