Shoppers Shift to Online

ClickZ has a round-up of recent studies that point to more shoppers moving online.

Google’s Matt Cutts at WebmasterWorld

SEO Book and SE Roundtable each offer a summary of Brett Tabke’s chat with Google engineer, Matt Cutts.


Toolbar does not influence how frequently stuff is crawled. It is too easy to spam, and the toolbar does not have equal distribution across various regions. Many people assume some things provide clean signals which are not so clean.

Matt Cutts hates on paid links. He said they have manual and algorithmic approaches to paid links. Compares effectiveness of paid links going forward to how reciprocal link spam has largely died off with Update Jager.

Lots of SEO Staff Changes

Lots of people moving around…

Carat Fusion president Toby Gabriner leaves to join Poindexter Systems.

Heather Lloyd-Martin is back at SuccessWorks.

WebSourced names new execs.

New stuff from WebmasterWorld

Couple of new sites now bookmarked/subscribed, thanks to WMW. – a cool new blog that covers all things wiki. – raved about by many here, a great Whois tool.

Google Base Goes Live

Gary has details of Google Base going live today.

Not quite sure how they will overcome spam, but Google is probably happy to simply put it out there and let millions of users beat it up. You have to give them credit, they don’t waste time with lengthy internal market research. They simple put it out there and let the real world decide its value.

Fortune Interactive Announces Three New Hires

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We’ve been seeing great interest in our search marketing services – I just love showing prospective clients the power of our SEMLogic technology – and as such have added three phenomenally talented individuals to our ranks.

I would have given my right arm to have had employees of this caliber in my previous life, so you can imagine how excited we are that they have decided to join Fortune Interactive.

Lauren Viola joins Fortune Interactive as account services manager. She will be responsible for overseeing all of the firm’s client service functions. Prior to joining Fortune Interactive, Ms. Viola was general manager of Checkup Marketing, a division of MarketSmart Advertising.

Robert X. Cringely Keynote at WMW Las Vegas

SEOBook has a good summary of Robert Cringley’s keynote from the first day of PubCon.

He’s a big believer in Google and clearly thinks they’ll whoop MSN’s butt.