Amazon Takes on Google Print

In an effort to compete with Google Print, Amazon has announced Amazon Pages, which will allow people to “inexpensively” buy chapters from a book and read them online.

“Amazon Pages and Amazon Upgrade leverage Amazon’s existing Search Inside the Book technology to give customers unusual flexibility in how they buy and read books,” said CEO Jeff Bezos. “In collaboration with our publishing partners, we’re working hard to make the world’s books instantly accessible anytime and anywhere.”

Lots of Business Blogging Surveys

eMarketer has a plethora of surveys relating to business blogs.

Some interesting snippets…

…33.86% of bloggers state “visibility as an authority in my field” as the reason for blogging.

…more than 51% of bloggers are contacted by companies or their PR departments.

…only 8.16% of blog readers believe a company endorsed blog to be untrustworthy.

New Google Desktop Features and Blog

Google releases final version of Google Desktop 2 and launches new desktop blog. has more details.

Microsoft Adds FolderShare to Windows Live Service; Goodbye Google Partnership

ZDNet has news that Microsoft has acquired FolderShare, an online file-sharing service and plans to add it to Windows Live.

The technology offers an alternate way to send large files that are too big to be easily e-mailed.

“Our mission for Windows Live is to enable customers to easily find the information, pursue the interests and deepen the relationships that enrich their lives,” Microsoft Vice President Blake Irving said in a statement. “FolderShare technology will help customers access their information anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices, unifying their overall experience.”

I’m guessing that FolderShare’s integration with Google Desktop will be phased out very quickly. :-)

Speaking at Lunch Seminar on Blogging

Live near Raleigh? Interested in blogging? Looking for advice on starting a corporate blog?

I’ll be on a panel of bloggers – offering advice and answering questions – at Business Wires’ “Meet the Bloggers; A Conversation with Blogging Experts” next Wednesday November 9th.

Click here for details of how to register.

Microsoft’s Free Web Virus Scanner a Privacy Concern?

InternetWeek reveals that Microsoft’s new Windows Live Safety Center sends information about your computer back to the company.

By default, the virus scanner reports back to Microsoft with details of the machine, including the operating system (its product ID, among other things), installed drivers, and installed applications. Microsoft said that the collected data would be used to “help us improve scanner features and make better recommendations.” The user can choose to not transmit some of this data by clearing a check box in the scanner window.

“If you elect to share your results with us, all reported information is anonymous. No personal information is collected,” Microsoft said.

Heineken Uses Google Images for Ad Campaign

Using Google Image Search for its online marketing efforts, Adverblog has the details.