Back from AD:TECH

As you may have noticed, I’m back from AD:TECH New York.

A great, albeit tiring, conference for us with many people stopping by our booth. After initially interesting attendees with our performance-based pricing and quality customer service, it became very clear that marketers were blown-away by our SEMLogic technology. Tooting our own horn, I know, but we really feel like we have something big with SEMLogic.

Congrats to blogging luminary Cameron Barrett of who was the lucky winner of our free cruise contest – I believe his fiancee was ecstatic to hear he had won.

A big “thanks” to all of you who stopped by our booth to wish us luck with Fortune Interactive.

Next-up, Pubcon.

Google Automat to Spew Classifieds?

Susan Kuchinskas has details of Google’s rumored classifieds service, which will be called Google Automat (which will use the reported Google Base technology).

Google Automat, is a system for letting novice sellers develop and post classified ads that can be accessed through search and also placed on other Web sites as Google AdSense ads.

The report also includes details of Google’s answer to Paypal.

Automat also includes a mechanism for a variety of ways of paying for the ad. “We see advertisers — consumers and businesses — opening Google Purchase accounts, which can automatically debit regular banking accounts as the advertising campaign progresses,” Zappe wrote.

An image of the Google Purchases sign-up form includes spaces for users to enter their credit card and phone numbers. Classified Intelligence speculates that Google Purchases also could be used as the payment mechanism for consumer-to-business online transactions.

Don’t Forget – SEMLogic Demo and Free Cruise Giveaway at AD:TECH Next Week

Just a reminder to stop by booth 1804 either Monday or Tuesday, for your chance to win a free cruise for two (courtesy of Cruise Network).

We’ll also be providing demos of the LSI and AI technology that power our proprietary SEMLogic. Here’s a sneak peak…

See you at the show!

Sara Holoubek Departs iCrossing

Just heard word that Sara has left iCrossing. I wish her the best of luck!

Amazon Takes on Google Print

In an effort to compete with Google Print, Amazon has announced Amazon Pages, which will allow people to “inexpensively” buy chapters from a book and read them online.

“Amazon Pages and Amazon Upgrade leverage Amazon’s existing Search Inside the Book technology to give customers unusual flexibility in how they buy and read books,” said CEO Jeff Bezos. “In collaboration with our publishing partners, we’re working hard to make the world’s books instantly accessible anytime and anywhere.”

Lots of Business Blogging Surveys

eMarketer has a plethora of surveys relating to business blogs.

Some interesting snippets…

…33.86% of bloggers state “visibility as an authority in my field” as the reason for blogging.

…more than 51% of bloggers are contacted by companies or their PR departments.

…only 8.16% of blog readers believe a company endorsed blog to be untrustworthy.

New Google Desktop Features and Blog

Google releases final version of Google Desktop 2 and launches new desktop blog. has more details.