Fortune Interactive Launches Turnkey Web Log (Blog) Marketing Service

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From our press release

RALEIGH, N.C. – October 17th, 2005–Fortune Interactive LLC , an interactive marketing firm specializing in search engine marketing, today announced the launch of its innovative Web log (commonly known as blog) marketing service for companies seeking to build, launch and promote corporate blogs.

Global information provider comScore Networks estimates 50 million Americans visited Web logs in the first quarter of 2005. This figure represents a 45 percent increase over the number of visitors for the same period in 2004.

Web logs, which are structured like informational journals, differ greatly from static Web sites. Web logs are updated regularly with new posts and entries. In addition, Web logs are more interactive and encourage feedback via features such as comments functions, trackbacks and tag boards.

Yahoo and Microsoft Partner on Instant Messaging

CNet has all the details you need on Yahoo and Microsoft’s plans to join forces on IM in an effort to battle AOL.

Researching Blogs to Reach Your Future Search Engine Audience

By Andy Beal

Do you ever wish you could peer into the future and see what it holds? I’m not talking about a time-traveling DeLorean or space-leaping Tardis. But, when you sit down and look at your search marketing campaign – the hundreds of keywords you spent hours researching on Wordtracker – do you ever wish you could get a jump on your competition and take a peek at what products will be the most searched over the coming months?

Well you could be like Napoleon Dynamite and strap an electrified cap to your head, or you could simply (and less painfully) plug yourself into the blogging community and get a glimpse of what keywords might soon show up in a keyword database.

Bloggers Don’t Bite

Ebay Buying VeriSign

According to MarketWatch

The two companies late Monday announced an agreement under which the online auction company will pay $370 million in cash, stock or both for VeriSign’s business that processes debit card and credit card transactions for small and midsize online merchants. The business will be part of PayPal, which will integrate it with its merchant services business. The deal is expected to close in the current quarter.

Paul Bruemmer Joins Bruce Clay, Inc.

Just announced, Paul Bruemmer is joining Bruce Clay.

When the music finally stops, we’ll all be sitting in different chairs! ;-)

Addicted to Adam Curry

If you’ve never heard Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, you owe it to yourself to tune in. It’s become a daily event to listen to it, even though I couldn’t honestly tell you what I get from it. It just works!

I’d love to listen to more podcasts, but haven’t really found anything else of interest. Anyone recommend a good show?

Google’s Strategy For Competition? Make Everything Free

Over at the WSJ, Kevin Delaney looks at how Google is quickly dominating new markets by offering products for free. By subsidising with AdWords, Google is able to wipe-out competition by offering products, such as wi-fi in San Francisco, for free.

Google’s announcements in recent weeks indicate that the company’s online advertising network could have a far-reaching impact on companies whose businesses are outside Google’s traditional turf. In effect, the tremendous revenue stream Google enjoys from ads subsidizes its entry into new lines of business, which in turn can generate more ad revenue. Some industry executives point to voice calling, cellphone service, console videogames, premium TV programming packages and digital music as areas where Google or its partners could supplant fee-based services with free, ad-supported ones.