Using Blog Trends for Search Engine Marketing

I’m hoping you’ll join me tomorrow at 9:45 am EDT for my ecomxpo presentation “Understand Your Future Audience Now – How Blogs Can Help You Refine Your Search Marketing Campaign”. For those of you who who’ll miss the show, DM News offers a summary of what the presentation will contain.

eComXpo October 05 Kicks-Off Today

For all you procrastinators, we’re giving away free expo hall/keynote speaker passes.

ClickTracks 6 Close to Launch

News from John Marshall that ClickTracks 6 is launching October 12th and it’s packed with new features.

“If you want the best, most meaningful and insightful web analytics software on the market today, you want ClickTracks 6,” said an admittedly biased John Marshall, ClickTracks’ founder and CEO. “We’ve been able to pack so many new ‘wow’ features into this release, it’s practically bursting at the seams!”

Do You Believe This?

Take a look at this chart from eMarketer/MarketingSherpa

I’m obviously a big fan of online marketing, but there is no way that B2C marketers are allocating 56% of their marketing budget for online marketing. 6% maybe, not 56%!!!

eMarketer provides a subtle caveat…

Though undoubtedly skewed somewhat by MarketingSherpa’s readership — including marketers in e-commerce, multichannel retail, travel/hospitality and financial services — the survey’s respondents reported that overall online advertising accounted for a large part of their budgets

“Skewed somewhat”?? How about skewed a WHOLE lot. Oh well, I’m sure us SEMs will use the chart in our proposals to show would-be clients that they need to spend more online and catch-up with their peers. ;-)

U.K. Online Adspend Up 62 Percent

MarketingVOX reports

Internet ad spending in the U.K. increased to $861 million in the first half of the year, up 62 percent from the first half of 2004, and is now worth more than outdoor advertising…Online advertising accounted for 5.8 percent of the U.K. advertising market in the first six months of 2005, more than outdoor’s 5.1, and well ahead of radio’s 3.6.

Sun Microsystems and Google Announce Partnership

Stephen Shanland comments on the announced deal that will make it easier for consumers to acquire Sun’s Java runtime, Google’s Toolbar and the desktop suite.

Sun will include Google’s Toolbar as a downloadable option to consumer versions of its Java runtime environment. In addition, the companies will explore future opportunities to “promote and enhance Sun technologies” such as Java and the suite.

Can Google Beat Microsoft?

Interesting article at InformationWeek looks at the new book by Stephen E. Arnold, “The Google Legacy” which suggests that Microsoft could be the hunter that became the hunted.

“Bill Gates is basically in the same spot he had IBM in. IBM was challenged by Microsoft and IBM didn’t understand Microsoft’s business model. It’s history repeating itself.�

Arnold, author of “The Google Legacy�, said in an interview this week, that it appears that Microsoft doesn’t understand Google in much the same way that IBM didn’t understand Microsoft 20 years ago. “It will be the Googleplex from 2004 to 2020 – a network paradigm,� said Arnold. “It will be enabled by Google’s approach to innovation.�

Hat-tip to Slashdot.