Google Talk the First Step to Index Voice Files?

Charlene Li peeks into the future of Google Talk and sees a very useful application emerging.

…think of the real-world applications, ranging from cheaper call center management (there’s some software today that does this, like Witness Systems and VoiceLog), to eliminating the need to keep detailed notes from conference calls. My personal dream application: archiving all of my voicemails and being able to search through them, just like my emails.

The potential is huge. Imagine being able to search transcripts of Presidential addresses, the TV interview with your favorite movie star or even being alerted whenever someone on NPR mentions your company. You can get that now, but only after some unfortunate soul has typed it all up.

A Closer Look at The Long Tail and Vertical Search

AlwaysOn has Wired editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson, discussing how The Long Tail model applies to vertical search.

BlowSearch In Trouble?

Tis the season for executive shuffles as Joe Holcomb reports that his former employers have left BlowSearch.

BlowSearch is dead in my book. It’ll stay alive because the guys who took it over will run it as a simple re-aggregator of pay per click listings. However its value to advertisers is NIL.

Google Tests Remove Results Option

Danny reports on a new feature that Google is testing…

Google’s testing a new option letting a small percentage of people remove results they don’t like from their own personalized search results. This will only happen if you’re logged in and using Google Personalized Search. In other words, see a page you don’t like? You can block that page from coming back. It only will impact the personalized results you see — not the personalized results of others or general results that anyone sees.

Websourced Fires Two Executives

The Raleigh N&O reports that the BOD of my previous employer, WebSourced, have fired Jeff Martin and Mark Camphaug, both VPs at the company.

That’s all I’m saying about it.

Search Engine Blogs as Public Relations Tools

Over at SE Journal, Loren looks at how blogs are becoming the preferred method of public relations (music to Rubel’s ears, no doubt). An interesting read.

Google School for Enterprise Users

eWeek reports on an iniative by Google to train and otherwise assist systems integrators, consultants, resellers and corporate information technology managers in all things Google.