Help decide the future of Marketing Pilgrim

What would you do with Marketing Pilgrim?Howdy Pilgrims!

I wanted to let you know about some changes we’re looking at for Marketing Pilgrim in the New Year.

Only, they’re not yet set in stone and we have a couple of paths we can take. We do know that as the internet marketing (and blogging) landscape changes, so must Marketing Pilgrim, in order to continue its role as one of the leading sources of internet marketing news and opinion.

So, we thought we’d crowd-source some ideas from the smartest people we know–you!

We’d love to hear your suggestions on what you would do with Marketing Pilgrim, if you owned it. Would you continue with the same format? Would you focus more on a particular channel? Would you make it subscription only? Would you sell it? Would you shut it down? Would you…..?

How a single unhappy customer can destroy your online reputation

A single negative review, or unhappy tweet, might not be enough to take down a strong reputation, but if your company doesn’t both a) fix the issue and b) respond quickly enough to social media attacks, then this can easily happen.

And just in case you need a social media monitoring tool to assist you, then I know the perfect solution!  ;-)

In case you didn’t know, Marketing Pilgrim and Trackur are both owned by me. if you didn’t know that, then you probably didn’t know that 15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance, either! ;-)


Join Me at Pubcon Vegas this October; it’s Bigger, Better & Badass

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013Yeah, that’s right. I used “badass” in a blog post title, but only because that’s the only word fitting enough for Pubcon.

I’ve attended dozens (hundreds?) of conferences and there’s no doubt in my mind that Pubcon is one of the best conferences in the internet marketing space. Not only does Pubcon attract the very best speakers, but the very best attendees–which makes for some awesome networking.

Well 2013 is going to be even bigger and better than before. Brett Tabke and team have added a lot of new stuff, including:

  • Super Spotlight Sessions
  • Improved keynote and exhibit hall layouts
  • New networking pass option
  • New officially-recommended conference hotel (Hard Rock)
  • Inaugural Pubcon volunteer team program

Hey! Duck Dynasty’s Duck Commander Misses Out on New .LA Domain Extension…Almost!

duck-dynasty-laWhen GoDaddy announced the release of the new .LA domain extension you would have expected many Louisiana businesses to say, “Hey, we should get us one of those domains before the Los Angeles folks snap them all up!” Or something like that.

Well, Frank Reed happened to spot that neither or had been secured by the good ole Louisiana boys made famous by the AE show Duck Dynasty.

Being huge Duck Dynasty fans, we lept into action. First, Frank shot the Duck Dynasty team an email letting them know that they should jump on it, before someone else registers it…and does who knows what with it. Concerned that they may not see the email under the deluge of fan mail they receive, I pulled up GoDaddy and registered the domains.

Special Summer Edition: The Beal Deal with Rae Hoffman (@sugarrae)

Rae-Hoffman-SugarraeOK, I have a confession and an apology.

Apparently The Beal Deal took its summer break before publishing Rae Hoffman’s interview. This is a huge oversight on my part, and I owe Rae an apology. Sorry Rae.

Anyway, if you know Rae, you’ll know that she’s probably quietly sobbing in a corner clutching her blanky sharpening her knife collection & pulling out the Andy Beal voodoo doll. So, I’m interrupting this summer hiatus to bring you her interview.

Thanks Rae!

Q1. Let’s get you warmed up with a soft ball question. Where did the nickname Sugarrae come from?

I cannot tell you how many people assume it’s after the band (it’s definitely not).

The Beal Deal with Dana Lookadoo (@lookadoo)

Good Saturday morning to you!

As summer approaches, we all tend to get a little more of an itch to go outside at the weekend, travel to the beach, or simply enjoy the lazy days of summer. With that in mind, The Beal Deal will be taking a summer break and will return in the Fall.

Dana LookadooWe finish this batch of interviews with one of the most loved people in the internet marketing industry: Dana Lookadoo.

I have yet to meet a single person that doesn’t both love and respect Dana. She’s one of those people that shines with marketing smarts as well as warmth and compassion. If you’ve never met her, be sure to track her down at the next conference you attend, and you’ll see what I mean.

The Beal Deal with Brett Tabke (@btabke)

Congrats! You made it to another weekend!

Brett TabkeYou don’t get a prize, but you do get to read this week’s Beal Deal interview with none other than Brett Tabke. Brett has built Pubcon into one of the biggest and best internet marketing conferences around. I sat down and asked him about that and his decision to sell the WebmasterWorld forums.

Let’s get to it!

Q1. Congrats on the continued growth of Pubcon. What’s the secret to its success?

Ultimately, that is our secret – to be able to move where our audience is going and is at.