YouTube Expands ‘Send to TV’ and Other Trends at CES

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is only a few days away and that means we’ll soon get a sneak peak at future of technology. There are rumors about 110 inch screens and new shapes for TVs. Dozens of new smartphones will be revealed, maybe even one with a screen you can bend! So cool – but why?

YouTube says they’ll be expanding their Send to TV option. I’m I the only person who didn’t know they had this?

To use the system right now, you need an Android phone and a Google TV. You navigate to the video you want to watch then click the TV button on the app. Zap, the video appears on your TV. You can then use your mobile phone as a remote control to pause, go forward and back, etc. You can also create a queue so the next video will begin playing on your TV as soon as the other one stops. Nifty.

Whodunnit? Hawaii Five-O Asks Fans to Choose the Ending in Real Time

Kapu (Forbidden)Interactive TV is something we’ve been talking about long before tablets and smartphones arrived in the home. My first marketing gig was with a company working on a remote control that allowed viewers to bookmark content related to the show they were watching. It was a multi-step, cumbersome process but at the time, it was the ultimate in TV interaction.

We have come so far, so fast.

On January 14, CBS will make TV history with the first, truly interactive episode of Hawaii Five-O. A college professor is found murdered and there are three suspects; his boss, his teaching assistant and a student who he busted for cheating. Which one did it? Depends on who the viewers pick.

Both Sides Claim a Victory in the FTC Case Against Google

googleThe 19-month, FTC investigation into Google’s policies and practices has come to an end and both parties are declaring themselves the winner.

Here’s the announcement from the Official Google Blog:

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission today announced it has closed its investigation into Google after an exhaustive 19-month review that covered millions of pages of documents and involved many hours of testimony. The conclusion is clear: Google’s services are good for users and good for competition.

Here’s the FTC’s version:

Google Inc. has agreed to change some of its business practices to resolve Federal Trade Commission concerns that those practices could stifle competition in the markets for popular devices . . . as well as the market for online search advertising.

Facebook Rules the World and Here’s the Map to Prove It

A couple of times a year, Vincenzo Cosenza prepares a new World Map of Social Networks. Before perusing the maps, I would have said, what’s the big deal? There are only a few social networks in the world and they haven’t changed all that much in the last few years.

If I had said that, I would have been wrong. You see, I’m looking at things through red, white, and blue colored glasses. Here’s a look at where the world was in June 2009.

world map june 2009

There were seventeen social networks and thought Facebook (the dark blue) had a good foothold on the world, there’s still plenty more to look at.

Jumping ahead to the newest map, December 2012, we see quite a change.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em: Polaroid Launches a Fotobar in Florida

Thanks to cell phone cameras, people are taking more photos than ever but the majority of them never make it out of cyberspace. That’s a problem for the pioneers like Kodak and Polaroid who once made their money on film and processing.

Polaroid is trying to take some of that back with a concept they call the Fotobar. It’s all about taking your favorite photos and turning them into works of art. You can do it online and soon, folks in Delray Beach, Florida, will be able to do it in their hometown.


The Polaroid Fotobar store looks more like an art gallery crossed with a hip internet cafe.

The Marketing Pilgrim 2013 Shape-Up Plan for Marketers

shape upLike many Americans, I greeted the new year watching the ball drop in Time Square on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” It was an enjoyable experience except for the commercial breaks which were dominated by Weight Watchers. Not surprising, since getting into shape and losing weight always makes the list of top 3 New Year’s resolutions.

With that in mind, I put together a shape-up plan for marketers that will help you get a fresh start in this new year.

Review your website

When was the last time you read your own website? Doesn’t matter how perfect it was when you put it up five years ago, things change. Review every page of the site, read the text for typos and click to find broken links.

Consulting the Marketing Pilgrim Crystal Ball: Trends for 2013

New-Year-2013It’s the last day of the year, time to stop looking back and start looking at the future. Here are my predictions in regard to the hot marketing trends of 2013.

Mobile Done Right

2012 may have been the year mobile marketing found its legs, but 2013 will be the year we get it right. Instead of simply pushing online content out to smartphones and tablets we’ll start creating content specifically designed to take advantage of mobile’s strengths. That means content that can be manipulated by touch, better targeting by location and time zones, and ads that are really tools to help consumers do one thing better and faster.

Customer Service Instead of Daily Deals