T-Commerce, a Two-Sided Phone, Flexible Tablets and Other Cool Stuff from CES

iLoungeIWP_5334The Consumer Electronics Show is coming to an end and many weary reporters are heading home bolstered by the promise of quiet time and no lines for the bathroom. CES is six straight days of noise, lights, hype and pitchmen and more input than any one person can digest in that amount of time.

The reporter from Forbes was a first timer and here’s what he had to say:

If you ever really questioned if there is in fact an app for that, let me assure you — after perusing many, many of the booths from the more than 3,250 exhibitors spread out over the 1.9 million-square feet at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 — that there is.

What Would You Pay to Message Mark Zuckerberg?

Mashable made an interesting discovery this week when they tried to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg through Facebook. The system offered them a chance to move the message to Mark’s main Inbox instead of the Other (aka SPAM) box for the low, low price of just $100.

mark facebook

I don’t think $100 is too much to ask in order to reach one of the top men in the internet biz. He’s got a lot on his plate and probably doesn’t have time to go through his junk mail. But here’s a chance to put a message right in front of him. He’ll read it. He’ll respond. You’ll become best friends. All for $100. Neat.

The Oscars Consider Product Placement As Stars Prepare to Live Tweet the Golden Globes

THE 85TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS(r) - Seth MacFarlane will host "The 85th Annual Academy Awards," broadcasting live on Oscar(r) SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2013 on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)It’s award season in Hollywood. The People’s Choice Awards handed out their statuettes last night. The Critic’s Choice Awards air tonight, and Spielberg woke up to the news that his film Lincoln has more Oscar nominations than any other movie (12).

Now the networks have to figure out how to pay for all this glitz and glamour.

The 85th Annual Academy Awards is doing well this year. AdAge says that ABC usually gets around $1.65 million and $1.8 million for a 30-second commercial and this year they’re coming in on the high side of those numbers. Could be because of the buzz surrounding this year’s host Seth MacFalane. The Family Guy creator is known for his sharp stabs at pop culture and his inability to self-censor as Slate pointed out after this morning’s Oscar announcement ceremony.

LinkedIn: 200 Million Served and Counting

200 million linked inLinkedIn, the business-oriented social media network just registered their 200 millionth member. I wonder if that person got a prize or at least a digital badge for his profile. . . . the press release didn’t say. What it did say is that LinkedIn has doubled its membership since 2011 and I say, more power to them.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has worked hard to carve out a special niche in the social media world. They’ve added new tools and redesigned the site to make it more relevant. For example, they added the ability to target status updates to a specific group of followers and they added a self-serve video ad platform to take advantage of this hot trend in marketing.

How about a few more LinkedIn facts?

Now For Something Completely Different: Facebook Teases a Big Announcement

facebook mysteryGossip Girl ain’t got nothing on Facebook. The company recently sent out an invitation to the press with the promise of a big reveal on January 15 and now everyone is talking!

Many tech sites think Facebook is going to reveal their own smartphone. It’s an idea that’s been talked about for ages, even though Zuckerberg has clearly said it “wouldn’t make much sense.”

True, Facebook isn’t in the hardware biz, but neither was Amazon and they’re doing okay with their line of Kindles. For them, it’s about selling a gizmo cheap in order to get people to buy product. For Facebook, it would be about selling the brand along with the social lifestyle.

If it’s not about the phone, then what? How about a fancy new redesign?

Social Gets More Mobile in 2013

emarketer social mobileTwitter was designed as a method of delivering short, spontaneous messages to a group of friends. It worked beautifully with mobile because it allowed you to express your thoughts while things were happening.

“I just saw Brad Pitt at Starbucks.”

“These lunch truck tacos are incredible!”

And not long after, we had the ability to take and share pictures of Brad and the incredible tacos to back up on our story. Now, thanks to the rise in smartphones and tablets and the forethought of social network app makers, mobile is becoming an even bigger factor in the social media game.

As you can see from this eMarketer chart, social media users are slowly cutting down their dependence on the PC in favor of the mobile phone and tablet. There’s even been an increase in Internet-enabled TV, game console and ereader use – devices that aren’t well suited to updating Facebook.

News Feed Declines Have Studios Thinking Twice About Facebook

gangster squadA new article in the LA Times states that, “72% of movies and network TV shows experienced a drop in the number of people who saw new Facebook posts after the new algorithm launched.”

23% of studios said they saw a drop in engagement (clicking, sharing, commenting), even worse 45% of entertainment pages saw a drop in reach (number of people who saw their posts.)

Those are pretty big hits, especially when you consider the short marketing window for movies. Sure, you can start building up brand awareness a few months ahead, or up to a year if it’s a big property, but it’s those three weeks before, during and after the theatrical release that really count.