Nielsen and Twitter Partner on New TV Rating Metric

twitter tvFacebook usually rules the social media game but when you’re talking about TV, Twitter has it wrapped up. Every night, people sit down in front of the TV with their smartphones and tablets in hand and they send out Tweet after Tweet about their favorite shows.  A lot of the Tweets come from second-screen apps such as Viggle and GetGlue, some from series or network specific apps and others are prompted by hashtags and overlays on the show itself.

Some TV shows, like Dancing with the Stars, include real-time Tweets from viewers in their broadcast. Others shows have stars “live Tweeting” during an episode in order to engage viewers and people are responding by the millions. It really is a social media marketing phenomena. So, it makes perfect sense for the king of TV ratings to partner with the king of social TV on a new system of measurement.

Pandora Asks: For the Holidays, Are You Current, Classic or Country?

Pandora let’s you listen to customized music channels from a variety of internet connected devices so you can have a wide selection of music on hand at all times. Since music is such an important part of the holiday season, they conducted a special survey to see how Americans feel about the wintery wonders of Nat King Cole, Mariah Carey and Mannheim Steamroller.

pandora map

We begin the northeast corner of the United States where 52% of the people care more about the music than the food at a holiday party. Keep that in mind before you splurge on gourmet treats for your next gathering.

The midwesterners are the earliest adopters of holiday music on Pandora and I’m not surprised. It’s so cold and snowy up there, they get in the holiday spirit while the rest of us are packing up the bathing suits and buying back-to-school clothes.

More Ho Ho Holiday Shopping Facts to Help You Finish Out the Year

671280_christmas__boxThe clock is running out for holiday shoppers but RetailMeNot says that 55% of consumers are only half way done with their shopping . With that in mind, here are the results of a few surveys that could help you reel in those last minute customers.

Fast Free Delivery

We’ve heard this one before but it’s still a huge factor in online shopping, especially around the holidays. ShopRunner says:

77% of consumers would spend more online and less in stores if free 1-2 day shipping was offered.  Additionally, having more faster free shipping options would drive 65% of shoppers to procrastinate and put off making purchases longer than usual.

December SMART Report Shows Explosive Growth in Mobile Advertising

millennialmedia dec vertical explosionI know that mobile is the hottest trend in advertising, but I’m still bowled over by the growth numbers in the latest Millennial Media SMART report.

Look at the Year-Over-Year Spend. In total, 10 categories increased their spend more than 100%. Four grew more than 400% and look at automotive – 574% growth? That’s insane.

I’m also surprised to see Government Services on the list. Apparently this comes from advertising related to the recent elections.

Ranked by spending alone, Telecommunications took the top spot, just as it did 10 months out of the year. Retail and Restaurants came in second with Finance and Automotive in third and fourth place.

Looking at branded apps, the top three rearrange themselves – Finance, Automotive and then Retail.

What’s the Goal?

Bacon, Not Kevin: Twitter Adds Negative Keyword Targeting for Promoted Tweets

bacon vs baconSearch engines don’t get enough credit. They’re smart enough to know that when I type Supernatural, I mean the TV show and not the general category of things that go bump in the night. This same technology is used to make sure I see ads that are relevant to my search – but it’s not always as effective.

Twitter is making great strides in that area with two new features FOR folks who use Promoted Tweets. First up is something I like to call The Kevin Bacon Solution.

In addition to exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match, Twitter now allows negative keyword targeting.

“For instance, if you sell bacon, you can now keep your campaigns more than six degrees apart from Kevin Bacon by using “Kevin” as a negative keyword.”

Year in Review: Google Looks Back at 2012

here's to 2012I have usurped Frank as the Year in Review Queen! It’s not that I’m any better prepared to present the information, it’s just that he didn’t look so good in the cape and the gown.

Onward, I say – to the Google 2012 year in review which they call Zeitgeist 2012 (presumably because it sounds so much cooler.)

In addition to a magnificent, inspiring video, they’ve also put together a website that slices and dices the most searched data of the past year in a variety of ways.

One option is the global map and timeline. Here you can browse the biggest events of the year by clicking on the associated time or place.

google map

Unruly Reveals the Top Brands and Concepts on the Social Video Charts

If you want to know what’s happening in the social video space, look no further than Unruly’s Viral Video Chart. This constantly changing Top 20 list is a window into the wacky world of online video but it’s also proof of the enormous power behind this new kind of media.

Take a look at this chart which shows the most shared social video brands of the past year.

unruly most shared brands

I was surprised to see Google on the top of the list because I couldn’t think of a single “Google brand” video. So I went searching and found. . . ironically, that they just released their annual Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review. This video encapsulates all of the most searched stories of the year in under 3 minutes. It’s very inspiring. So here’s one more share for Google who climbed six places to make the top of the viral chart.