SMB Owners Say They Need More Apps, When What They Really Need is Less

Small business owners are the world’s greatest multi-taskers so mobile should be making their jobs easier. But though nine out of ten owners say they use mobile devices for business, 58% say they need more than what’s out there.

The stats come from a survey called “Going Mobile: Small Business Owner Attitudes About Mobile Technology” which was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of New Bank of the West.

The overwhelming majority (76%) of users said they use their mobile devices for communication. After that, everything drops off to under 50% including those who use it for scheduling, driving directions, project management and payments.

Learn from the Best: Follow Thought Leaders on LinkedIn

There’s no lack of information to read on the internet. The trick is, sorting through the clutter to find those gems that can really help you succeed. LinkedIn wants to lend a hand with that, so they’ve pulled back to the curtain on Thought Leaders.

Thought Leaders are exceptional professionals, names you already know, who are going to be sharing their advice and wisdom on LinkedIn. There are currently 150 people to choose from including Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra. Obama and Romney are also on the list along with names you might not know but might want to follow. For example, author of “The Lean Startup” Eric Reis; Charles Best, the founder of; and Nancy Lublin, the CEO of Do Something.

Twitter Says Conversation is the Key to Conversion

While Facebook is busy not counting clicks, Twitter wants us to sit down and have a chat – one-on-one – just you, me, and the millions of other people who check out the site every day.

It’s more wisdom from the IAB MIXX Conference, this time from Joel Lunenfeld, Twitter’s vice president of global brand strategy, coming to you via TechCrunch.

Lunenfeld says that “88% of Twitter users follow at least one brand, and that more than half of users follow six or more brands.”

Six or more brands! That’s a lot of people asking for daily advertisements in their stream. Some of them are hoping for discounts and freebies but others are genuinely interested in the brand and they want to be up on what’s happening.

Facebook To Advertisers: Stop Counting Clicks

Someone check to see if hell froze over, because today, Facebook and I actually agree on something — counting clicks isn’t the way to measure success. What is? An increase in your profit margin, of course because unless you’re a non-profit, the whole point of advertising is to sell more of whatever it is your selling.

Brad Smallwood, head of measurement and insights for Facebook, took the stage at the Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Conference & Expo on Monday to talk about clicks, impressions and their new partnership with Datalogix.

He says that less than 1% of clickthroughs result in an in-store sale, so does that mean sellers should walk away from Facebook advertising? Of course not! In fact, Smallwood says that an increase in ad impressions might be called for.  He says advertisers can increase their ROI up to 40% by “focusing on frequency.”

Is an Online Viewer Worth as Much as TV Viewer? Nielsen Says Yes!

For years, TV networks have been selling commercial time based on the estimated number of people who watch a show on TV. Want to advertise on a popular show with a successful track record? It’s going to cost you. And since there are a limited number of spots on any single TV show airing, you may have to fight and give up other concessions in order to secure your space.

After the show airs on TV, in many cases, it moves to the internet. Only in this case, advertisers aren’t banging down the doors, offering up big bucks to run their ads on the show. Why? Mostly because of the notion that only viewers aren’t as valuable as TV viewers. And though that may have been true a few years ago, it’s not true anymore.

StumbleUpon’s New Design Looks Very Familiar

StumbleUpon, the website discovery engine, is beta testing a new design that looks extremely familiar. Instead of the long, vertical list of site descriptions with small screengrabs on one side, we now have this:

Horizontal rows of boxes with larger photos and colorful headers. I’m sure I’ve seen this style somewhere before. . . . let me think. . . .




Okay, so you can’t blame them for going with the flow, it’s a design that works, so why not? They also borrow a few other ideas from around the web, including Lists! You can now add any of your favorite pages to a list which can then be followed by others.

Twitter Loses to Instagram But Wins Over London

Twitter is on the march. They won’t stop until every person in the world has Tweeted at least once and I think they can do it. But first, they have to get past Instagram.

According to AllThingsDigital, more smartphone users visit Twitter but the funky photo site tops them for average number of viewers per day and time spent on site. (Study conducted by comScore for the month of August.)

The implication is that Instagram has more returning visitors than Twitter. That’s pretty amazing, seeing as how Instagram has only been around for a few years. Instagram also plays into the hot trend of graphics over text, apparently everyone loves to look but not everyone loves to read. (Boo!)