Pinterest Referral Traffic Wins with Only a Tiny Percentage of the Pie

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re a man, you’ve probably been on Pinterest a few times in the past week.

The social photo sharing site has taken off in ways no one ever imagined to the point where large corporations are now carving out their own space on the network. But is it good for marketers? New numbers from Shareaholic suggest it could be so, depending on how you look at the picture.

Shareaholic has been comparing the referral traffic from the top sites for the past six months. In February, Pinterest’s share of the referral’s topped those from Twitter. Jump ahead to June and Pinterest eats up the shares from Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing and Google referral traffic.

US Based Tumblr and Groupon Captivate European Women

Tumblr took top honors this week as one of the top 10 sites for European women on the basis of time spent.

According to comScore, the social, visual blogging network was primarily visited by women (69% of the mix) in May 2012, each woman spending an average of 71.1 minutes on the site. The only site that kept women around longer was, the online email and Russian social network provider. Average time spent there? 398.8 minutes. Wow.

Half of the top ten are retail sites including the the German retail site Otto Gruppe which came in number two. And look at good old Groupon, holding its own in Europe. I never would have guessed that.

Consumers See Retargeted Ads as a Nice Reminder and an Easy Click

The internet is getting downright spooky. Last night, I used iTunes to locate the old song Escape by Rupert Holmes, a big hit at the time, but not top on the charts at the moment. An hour later, I switched on Spotify, chose 80’s Pop and the first tune was Escape.

Coincidence? I suppose it could be but more likely Spotify picked up a thread of data somewhere that showed my interest in the song. Was this an instance of retargeting or am I just getting paranoid?

Normal people (not ones who live on the internet 24 / 7 like me) no longer fear the data cookie. They see retargeted ads as a useful tool for navigating the web.

Google Lets Web Surfers ‘Mute This Ad’

Recently, I read a productivity article that said that control is an illusion. We think we have control over parts of our day, but the truth is, the universe will do as it wants and all we can do is hang on for the ride.

Depressing, but kind of freeing, don’t you think?

I thought about that article when I read Google’s blog post on their new “Mute This Ad” option.

The concept is pretty simple. A web surfer comes across a Google Display Network ad that they don’t like. They click the X in the corner and voila, the ad is “muted.” Going forward, Google will try its hardest not to serve that ad to that person ever again.

The Rise of Couch Commerce (Infographic)

Online sales by way of a tablet has been dubbed Couch Commerce, but could as easily be called Bed Commerce since nearly equal numbers of people do it from either location. Then again, I suppose people could easily misconstrue “Bed Commerce” so it’s probably best that we stick with the couch.

The furniture in this equation is important because it represents a shift in how we shop online. There’s a psychological difference between sitting down at a desk and firing up the PC to shop, and sitting on the couch shopping while you watch TV in the evening. The size of the tablet and the touch screen makes it more engaging and since you’re sitting there watching a Storage Wars marathon anyway, there’s no need to rush. In other words, tablets turn shopping into entertainment and we humans do love to be entertained. (As evidenced by the fact that we’re watching Storage Wars.)

Twitter Gets Transparent, Detaling Law Enforcement and Takedown Requests

We’re all familiar with the Miranda, the legal warning given to everyone who runs a foul of the law. But it might be time to add a few lines to that warning, including, “anything you Tweet can and will be used against you.”

Twitter just released their first Transparency Report and it includes 849 data requests from law enforcement in the first half of this year. Twitter granted 63% of those requests and those numbers on are on the rise. Twitter says they received more government requests in the first half of 2012, than they received in all of 2011.

Netflix Breaks Own Record with 1 Billion Hours Viewed in June

In June, Netflix customers sat down to more than 1 billion hours of TV, movie and clip viewing on the former-mail-order-only service.

The announcement came via Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings’ Facebook page. Which seems odd to me, but then Hastings’ track record in regard to public speaking hasn’t been the best.

Netflix’s milestone is significant for several reasons.

1. It proves you can come back from the brink.

A little more than a year ago, Netflix was in deep trouble with subscribers not only jumping ship, they were actively campaigning to take their friends with them. Reed Hastings spoke too soon about anticipated changes to the system and then his quick turnaround on the subject made things worse. Now, here they are breaking records for viewership. Just shows you what you can get away with when you’re the best game in town.