Facebook Tests Non-Fan News Feed Ads, Google+ Rejoices

The popular response to the announcement that Facebook will start adding unsolicited ads to everyone’s news feed is, “Google+, here I come.”

Posting ads to non-fans, is one more step in Facebook’s push to become a profitable purveyor of advertising space and even though it’s only a test, folks are already crying foul!

The outcry comes in two parts. First, are the Facebook users who don’t want to see their news stream cluttered up with ads. Facebook says their being careful not to overwhelm users with too many ads at one time, but face it, some people are going to run at the first glimpse of an ad they didn’t sign up for.

In the Online Food Biz, Coupons and Recipes are Tops with Moms

I grew up with this box on my kitchen counter. Inside were index cards with recipes, some handwritten, some clipped from magazines. It was the go-to box when we were bored with meals or looking for a special treat for a party and it contained around fifty recipes.

Today, my recipe box contains fifty thousand recipes and counting. They’re all searchable by ingredient or by category. They can be printed, saved, grouped, shared and diced up to create a shopping list. Oh thank you, world wide web.

According to¬†Clicks & Cravings: The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture, a new study from The Hartman Group and MSLGROUP Americas, “59% of online moms said they had searched for recipes or food preparation tips on the web or via social media while preparing a meal in the last thirty days.”

Google Punishes Copyright Offenders by Sinking Them in Search

Google has been in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation for a very long time. On one hand, they’re simply a data bridge connecting users with the information they’re looking for. In an effort to do a good job, they make judgements about the content they serve up, deciding which bits are more suited to the query than others.

Over the past year, Google has been tweaking their algorithm to exclude “bad” sites from the top results. “Bad” meaning spam sites, sites designed to trick users into clicking on them, and content farms whose sole purpose is to bring in traffic for ads.

Now, they’re taking another step toward sanitizing results, they’re dinging copyright violators and that’s gonna hurt.

Google+ Begins Vanity URL Roll-Out

Want to look me up on Google+?

No problem, let me give you my profile URL: https://plus.google.com/109268179742279073600/posts

No problem if you’re clicking through from a webpage but what if you’re not? There’s no way you’re going to find me directly without relying on my full name and search. Lucky for you, my name isn’t that common but if you’re looking for a specific John Smith, good luck with that.

I will never understand why social networks insist on giving us all a series of numbers. It may mean something to a browser, but to a human being, it’s so much gobbledygook. And while it’s true I want all browsers to find and love me, I want people to find and love me, too.

HuffPost Live Ushers In New Era of Citizen Journalism

HuffPost Live is now. . . Live!

And with that, online news guru Arianna Huffington ushered in a new era of citizen journalism that could change how news networks conduct themselves going forward.

HuffPost Live is a daily news, live webcast that relies heavily on social media engagement. Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 10 pm, Huff’s news correspondents take turns manning the anchor desk, to chat about what’s happening in the world. To keep the conversation going, they’re pulling in comments and Tweets from the scrolling chat box to the right of the video. Then, they mix it up by inviting viewers to join them as guests.

Mac Owners Love eCommerce but Social Media is a Hard Sell

When it comes to ecommerce, Mac owners take the cake (the decorations, the plates, the party favors. . . ) with the highest average order value of $102.83. But the real surprise is what comes next. It’s not the PC owners, it’s the iPhone users with 97.49.

The numbers come from Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly data report for Q2 which looks at online shopping trends. And while you can’t control what device people use to shop, you can control how they access your e-store in the first place.

According to Monetate, that social media link that we all love so much, isn’t doing us any favors.

  • Social media referral traffic lags far behind email and search, with the Average Order Value (AOV) of social traffic $26.21 less than search traffic and nearly $20 less than email referral traffic

Olympic Advertisers Falter at the Social Media Hurdles

Over the past week, I’ve spent anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours a night watching Olympic coverage. I’ve seen our women’s gymnastics team get the gold. I’ve seen Misty May play more volleyball than I ever thought I’d see in my lifetime, and I now understand how a headwind can affect a pole vaulter’s performance.

I also understand the struggle of Olympic moms (Thanks P&G), and I learned that Olympic boxers eat at McDonalds and that Matthew Perry and a monkey both have new shows coming up on NBC. Those last three things, I’ve learned over and over and over again to the point where I want to run screaming from the room when the commercials air for the 59th time in one week.