Facebook Mobile Has the Need for Speed

Awesome and wow aren’t words you usually see associated with a Facebook update, but mobile users are rejoicing over the new and improved iOS app.

Visually, the iPhone update is pretty much the same, but the iPad app looks spectacular. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but when I saw my Timeline presented on the iPad I actually felt compelled to flip through and see what people were posting.

Unlike the online experience, the mobile app is clean and free of annoying sidebars full of junk. It’s just you and your peeps, sharing and caring.

Photos play a big part in the experience. Tap one and it opens up to the full screen with options to like, read comments or leave your own. Facebook also included its own Camera App in the navigation bar so you can take photos and upload them without having to leave the page. Nice.

A Third of Consumers Plan to Do Their Holiday Shopping Online

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ring-ting-tingling too . . . that’s the sound of holiday shoppers creeping up over the hill. Is your site ready for the onslaught?

According to a new survey from coupon site RetailMeNot.com, 31% of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping online this year. This is close to last year’s estimates of 36% so they’re probably in the ball park.

Online retailer could score a little higher this year due to the growing trend in mobile device shopping. More people than ever will be using their smartphones and tablets to order online while they’re sitting on the couch watching all the new fall TV shows.

Compared to Other Social Networks, Facebook is a Senior Citizens Center

If age and wisdom go together, then LinkedIn is the smartest social media site with an average user age of 44.2. A full 70% of their users are over 35, which shouldn’t surprise you given the nature of the site. It’s about professionals doing business. It’s about being an expert in your field and networking, so it attracts people who have risen to a higher level in the working world and that takes time (during which, they were growing older.)

On the opposite end, we have the creative folks of deviantART. 69% of their users are under 35 with an average user age of only 28.6.

Wait. That’s kind of sad. The older folks are all about work and the younger ones are all about art. I protest. And while I do that, you look at this chart from Pingdom.

Website Traffic From Smartphones Up 100 Percent in One Year

If you still haven’t optimized your ecommerce site for mobile, get a load of this slice from a new infographic from Monetate.

The numbers represent only a small portion of web traffic, true, but look at the growth. Smartphone traffic related to ecommerce has doubled in only a few months. And according to “The Battle for Smartphone Supremacy” traffic from mobile has increased 103% over last year.

Android still has the biggest market share with the most accessible products at a lower price point, but iPhone users are the ones using their phones to shop more often. Monetate estimates the average order value for iPhone users to be $97.49 which is right in line with the numbers from Apple desktop shoppers.

Facebook Tops Search Results with Paid Ads

Facebook’s search engine has driven me mad on numerous occasions. The fact that it only allows me to search for an exact name and not related sites seems counter intuitive. For example, if I search for actor Matt Bomer, I get a list of two dozen fan pages all pretending to be him when what I should get is a page for his series White Collar.

So, it’s interesting, that Facebook is now inserting sponsored ads into the results based on the intent, not the word.

Today, when I searched the word Single, I got a list of apps and pages with the word “single” (including a page called Single Dad Laughing) but I also got an ad for Match.com.


Almost Half of Marketing Execs Surveyed Have No Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest may be the hot new trend in social media but 44% of the marketing and advertising execs The Creative Group surveyed said they had no interest in using the site for business.

A tiny 7% said they were currently using the site and slightly more (10%) said they were going to start using the site soon.

Want to hear something really frightening? 18% said they weren’t aware or had never heard of Pinterest. Let me repeat, marketing execs who have never heard of Pinterest. I wonder who their clients are. . .

I understand people who don’t think it’s a good fit for their brand. Pinterest is definitely a better fit for cupcake makers than mechanics, but it’s still a huge part of the social media landscape.

Groupon Visits the Bargain Basement

At the height of the daily deal explosion, you could get a fabulous dinner for two at a trendy restaurant for half price. It was exciting. It was a way to live large on a small budget. It was new.

Fast forward to now and look what Groupon has become:

Shaun T’s Rockin Workout and bamboo trays? It’s the stuff of late-night infomercials and it’s sad. I live in Orange County, the eating out capital of the world and out of sixteen available offers, only one was for a restaurant and it was sold out. The rest were for spas and tourist attractions and “goods.”