My Kingdom for a ReTweet [Infographic]

On Twitter, a ReTweet is like currency. Some people generously spread it around. Some are stingy with it and some use it as a bargaining chip for an alternate reward.

For marketers, ReTweets are particularly important because they’re the best way of growing your Twitter following, and in turn, your customer base.

Here’s part of an infographic from Infographic Labs (no confusion about what they do!).

The good news is that only a small portion of people care about celebrity status, or ReTweet rewards. Also, even though Twitter wisdom says you should always ask for the RT, only 26% of Twitter users will follow through on the suggestion.

Social Media Pruning is on the Rise

Do you prune? Personally or professionally?

According to new numbers from Pew Research, social media pruning is on the rise and it’s no wonder. Look at how the typical, personal, social media profile grows. They start with friends, then there are the obligatory follows (relatives, co-workers. . . ), brands with deals and coupons and the games you play. Before you know it, your newsfeed is moving faster than a vaudevillian quick-change artist.

That’s when people start pruning.

63% of [the social media users Pew surveyed] said they have deleted people from their “friends” lists, up from 56% in 2009.

Understandable. But how about this?

44% have deleted comments made by others on their profile; and 37% have removed their names from photos that were tagged to identify them.

Android Chief Says His Tablets Will be ‘Winning’ in 2012

From high-end iPads that do everything but make you a cappuccino to the entertainment-based Kindle Fire, tablets are popping up in homes all over the US.

In the world of smartphones, the lower priced Androids take the lead, but when it comes to tablets, it’s still all about the “i.”

Android chief Andy Rubin, says that’s going to change in 2012. Here’s his latest post on Google +:

There are over 450,000 applications in Android Market. Some of the developers who built these apps are showing their latest and greatest in the Android stand. But the ecosystem doesn’t sleep. Our partners have activated a total of 300 million Android phones! Currently they are activating over 850,000 phones and tablets per day.

After reading that, I think of this:

Airlines Experiment with Social Seating

If you can use a social network to find a life partner, why not a flight partner?

A new article in the New York Times talks about how some airlines are using social media to help frequent fliers find more compatible seatmates.

KLM’s Meet and Seat program uses Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to help match up fliers on the same flights. The application allows you to choose which bits of information you want to share. It then displays the profiles of the other passengers and their seat assignments. Pick your preferred mate, then wait and see if he accepts you.

For some people, Meet and Seat is a way of finding new and exciting people to chat with during a long flight. For others, it’s more about assuring themselves that they won’t end up with an annoying seatmate who wants to pick your brain.

The Oscars Look to Top 13 Million SMC’s

Not long ago, we measured the success of a TV special by the number of viewers who tuned in. These days, it’s the number of social media comments that counts.

This year’s battle for top honors began with The Super Bowl. They pulled in an impressive 12.2 million SMC’s (Twitter, Facebook and other social networks combined) which put them up 578% over last year.

Then tragedy struck right before music’s biggest night and that led to a Grammy win with 13 million social media comments during the show. Hold on to your mouse, folks — that’s up 2,280% from last year.

Now, it’s Oscar’s turn and he’s taking social media very seriously.

Ads on Your TV, Your Phone and Now Your Glasses?

Imagine you’re walking down the street and as you pass a Starbucks, an ad for their latest frothy delight appears on your glasses. On the inside of your glasses, where only you can see it.

The New York Times says that the day is nearly here thanks to secret augmented reality glasses created in a Google lab.

First  of all, let’s take a moment to digest the concept that Google has a secret lab. I imagine it to be like the Batcave, buried deep within a hillside in Mountain View, California.

Now imagine these Google scientists (I’m picturing brainy Oompa Loompas) working on all kinds of futuristic gadgets that they’ve seen in spy and scifi movies.

Mobile Mix: Android Impressions Up 504%

As Frank pointed out this morning, the war between Android and iPhone makes for good blog content. So continuing with that thought, we have data from Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix 2011 Year in Review.

Here’s the OS comparison chart from 2010 vs 2011. Look at Android just soaking up nearly half the pie.

Turning toward apps, we find that Games was the number one category for the year. In 2010, Games came in second to Social Networking apps, which is now in the number three slot below Music and Entertainment.

Says MM, “Android impressions grew 504% year-over-year.”  Non-US impressions rose 175%.

Wi-Fi impressions rose 21% to 27% of all impressions, proving that more people are cutting the cord.