Miss USA and MTV Make Twitter an Integral Part of the Show

This past week, two big televised events announced that they’ll be using Twitter in a big way to draw fans in on show night.

For the first time, The MTV Movie Awards has set aside one category for Twitter only voting. The category is “Best Hero” but the process is a bit backwards. It begins on the category page where you see a terrific graphic showing your choices.

When you click the “Tweet Your Vote” button, you don’t get the traditional composed Tweet box. Instead, the application sends to you the MTV Tweet Tracker which shows you which hero is currently in the lead. From here, you click on the hashtag for your hero and that’s where you get the composed Tweet pop-up.

Nielsen Numbers Show Internet Users Up 15 Million Year Over Year

In April 2012, 210 million Americans spent time browsing the web, up from 194.8 million in April 2011. Not bad. Not bad.

According to Nielsen, the same properties are still pulling more than their share of visitors. The order remains the same as last month, but there was a slight drop in visitors overall.

Now let’s look at last year:

First off, notice that Nielsen has stop using the lovely blue borders. I wish they’d go back to them, they made the chart easier to read. Turning now to the numbers, you can see the hefty increase for Google, and there’s Facebook claiming the numbers Google had back in 2011. And look at YouTube jumping from 106 million to 125 million.

Obama Takes Steps to Build a 21st Century Digital Government

Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought the country closer by using radio to deliver his “fireside chats.

John F. Kennedy rose to fame thanks to the proliferation of televisions in American homes.

Now, Obama is pressing forward with the new technology of his time — the mobile app.

Earlier this week, The White House released a memo about this new push.

The memo states:

For far too long, the American people have been forced to navigate a labyrinth of information across different Government programs in order to find the services they need. In addition, at a time when Americans increasingly pay bills and buy tickets on mobile devices, Government services often are not optimized for smartphones or tablets, assuming the services are even available online.

Lady Gaga Looks to Revolutionize Social Media Marketing for Celebrities

Never underestimate the power of fandom. Fans keep singers at the top of the charts, turn average movies into blockbusters and get TV shows another season of commercial commitments.

When they’re on your side, their the best brand managers any marketer could hope for. Heaven forbid they turn against you, though, cause in that case, you’re going down.

Lady Gaga and her team fully understand the power of fans. So much so, they’ve built their own social network to capitalize on this precious resource. The network is called LittleMonsters.com but the real power is the platform that runs it, it’s called Backplane and it could revolutionize the celebrity marketing industry.

We Challenge You To Take a Day Off this Holiday Weekend

Earlier today, Frank wrote about his plans to spend this Memorial Day weekend sharing time with his family and remembering those who gave their lives in service of our country. I say, good for him. And good for you, if that’s what you’ll be doing, too.

However, I suspect that many of you (me included) will spend at least part of the weekend working. We’ll say it’s because we have to, because business will suffer if we don’t, because it’s expected, because we won’t get paid if we don’t work, because it’s a sacrifice you have to make when you run a business. . . and on and on.

The truth is, for most of us, our businesses will function just fine if we turn off the phones and the email for one day.

Would You Pay More for Mobile in the Sky? Survey Says No!

We’re very attached to our mobile phones. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southern California it’s common to see people talking or texting while shopping, walking, driving, even while watching a movie (in spite of those clever ads made to make you shut it off.)

But as much as we love our phones, there’s one place where people are saying no — that’s in the sky.

A survey from flight comparisons site Skyscanner reveals that 86% of people are against mobile phones on airplanes. They say it would be ‘annoying to have to listen to other people’s conversations.’

Nearly Half of UK Marketers are Unprepared for Cookie Deadline

On May 26, 2011 (that’s American for 26 May 2011) the UK put new laws into affect governing the use of cookies on websites. Online companies were given a year to comply and that year is almost up.

So how are they doing?

Not so good. According to a poll by the UK DMA, 47% of UK marketers aren’t confident that they’ve met the requirements. The confusion lies in what exactly constitutes “consent” from the consumer.

Further results make it clear that many marketers are simply closing their eyes and hoping for the best.

The report states that 3 in 5 marketers don’t even have a plan to deal with the law and 79% haven’t communicated the changes to their visitors on their websites.