Facebook Offers Ad Credit to Small Businesses

Facebook has a terrific new idea. They’re going to offer a $50 ad credit to small business owners to help them increase sales. Isn’t that nice of them?

Of course, it does sound vaguely familiar. . . like maybe I’ve seen the same offer but with a Google Adwords logo attached? Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s current COO used to cash paychecks from Google, but I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

Speaking to USA Today, Sandberg said,

“My dream is really simple. I think every small business should … be using Facebook. We’re not going to stop until all of them are using it to grow their business.”

Not that there’s anything in it for Facebook, mind you. It’s a purely humanitarian gesture.

YouTube Rolls Out Editing Options

Online video is on the rise. More people are watching. More people are uploading and more people are clicking through mobile apps to watch a video advertisement.

Now YouTube is making it easier for even the novice video-maker to turn out a clean and creative product. Starting today, YouTube is officially rolling out an editing suite that allows you to make changes to your video on the fly.

Before now, you’d have to take down, fix and then reupload a video in order to make changes. This meant losing your URL and the comments associated with it. With the new edit button, changes are saved to the same ID number, so you don’t lose your place, counts or comments.

Mobile Beats Browsers for Ad CTRs

When comparing similar ads from the same company on both mobile and browser, MediaMind found a big difference in the CTR. After looking at more than 230 million impressions, they found that the mobile Click Through Rate came in at 0.61%, while the
Standard Banners recorded a CTR of 0.07%.

In the past, experts have dismissed these kinds of claims, saying that a lot of ads are being clicked on by accident, but MediaMind says not true. Their stance is that mobile is simply experiencing the same kind of “new and fascinating” curve that banner ads had when they first asked people to punch the monkey.

Positioning also plays a big part in the high CTR. Says MediaMind:

Twitter Analytics: Count Me In on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis

Want to know how many people clicked on your Twitter link today? Pretty soon, you won’t need third-party software to find out.

The company unveiled their new web analytics component at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference today. It’s currently being tested by a small beta pool of partners, but according to the Twitter developers blog, it will be available for everyone in the coming weeks.

Here’s a screenshot of the interface:

Nothing terribly new or exciting, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that Twitter is slowly adding on all the functionality we get from third-party apps and that’s got to be making HootSuite and other providers nervous.

Status and Photos Top the List for Mocial Users

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, we can now keep on top of everything our friends are doing, all the time. Oh, and we can even call and speak to them, too! But why bother when you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like?

This past August, Prosper asked 294 smartphone and tablet users about their mocial usage, and though I’m not sure less than 300 is a good sampling, I’m pretty sure these numbers are in the ballpark.

Here’s the big one. 69.4% of users say they regularly read status updates from others and 65.6% look at photos on their phone. Updating their own social media status was slightly less important (53.4%)

For marketers, 26.5% said they use their device to “go to retailers’ pages to find deals while shopping.” Not bad.

Study Says Twitter Influences More Purchases Than Facebook

Facebook ads. Facebook brand pages. Facebook e-commerce. The forces are working hard to make the Face the place for marketers, but according to a new study by Kantar Media Compete, Twitter has them beat.

The numbers come from the quarterly “Online Shopper Intelligence Study” which looks at cross-channel shopping behavior. The survey was given to 2,574 online purchasers who shopped between July 14 and August 8, 2011 and here’s what they found out.

35% of respondents said that Twitter feeds had an influence on their purchase decisions. Only 23.5% had the same thing to say about Facebook.

The Borderless Consumer and Other Game Changing Trends

Holiday shopping used to mean a trip to the local mall and a Saturday jaunt out to the outlet center in the next county. But this year, people in the US will be buying gifts from all over the world because they can do it easily and cheaply, from the comfort of their home.

The borderless consumer is just one of the game-changing retail trends discussed at a recent event sponsored by WomenCorporateDirectors.

Instant currency conversion tools, multi-language websites and no-borders web hosts like eBay and Etsy, have made it just as easy to buy a gift from Spain as it is from Kansas.

Not only are geographical boundaries disappearing, but so are the old-school “retail channels.”

Susan Chambers, Executive Vice President, Global People Division for Walmart said,