IAB’s Lists Top 15 Mobile Shopping Cities

Which US city has the most mobile savvy shoppers? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a big city, but not one traditionally known as a shopping mecca. Cross out New York (#2) and San Francisco (#11).

Give up? It’s Houston, with a mobile shopper savviness index of 122. Apparently, the stars at night aren’t the only thing big and bright in Texas. They have the highest percentage of consumers with mobile phones (67%). They also score the highest for retail and social media apps and they love mobile coupons. So, if you run a business in Houston, take note!

This information is part of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.

Click through to see the entire infographic which is pretty cool.

StumbleUpon Redesign Invites You to Explore More

StumbleUpon put on a new face this week and not only is it mighty pretty, but it’s more organized and helpful, too. Imagine that, good-looking and smart!

The redesign is all about helping you hone in on your interests, without losing that random factor that made StumbleUpon what it is today. They’ve done this by adding Channels and a new Explore Box.


Channels are the StumbleUpon version of Facebook pages. They’re accounts from brands, celebrities and sites such as ESPN, Campbell’s Soup or Chelsea Handler. You can Follow a Channel, then Stumble it when you want to look through the suggested pages.

Majority of Smartphone Shoppers Do it at Home

It’s kind of ironic, but more people use their mobile phone to shop from home, than use it while on the go. If that doesn’t prove that mobile phones have become part of our daily lives, what does?

comScore studied the shopping habits of smartphone owners this past September and came up with some interesting numbers.

“In September we saw two-thirds of all smartphone owners perform shopping activities on their phones, including comparing products and prices, searching for coupons, taking product pictures or locating a retail store”

So what are folks shopping for? Not surprisingly, the majority of the purchases (47%) are for digital goods such as apps, music and ebooks. What is a surprise is that clothing and accessories rank top for physical goods with 37%. After that, it’s back to the virtual world with daily deals, tickets and gift certificates.

New Study Shows Young Adults Just Want to Have Fun

For marketers, going online often means business, but for 53% of young adults (18-29) going online is fun.

The stat comes from the latest Pew Internet & American Life Project report which looks at the internet as a diversion from work, school and life. The overall numbers show that Americans often go online for no particular reason. 58% of all adults said they’ve used the internet to waste time at some point. 34% said they did it yesterday.

Here’s a charming graphic that breaks it down by age:

As the report points out, the increased access to broadband is largely responsible for the trend. With broadband access comes the ability to watch more videos and play games.

2 Out of 3 Moms Use Mobile to Access the Web

If you didn’t know there’s power in marketing to moms, you haven’t been paying attention. But today’s message is about the mobile mom. Take a look at this graphic from eMarketer.

Not only are moms more likely to own a smartphone than the general public, they’re using it to go online in much greater numbers.

The reason they’ve become so attached to their phones is obvious, it’s a time and sanity saver.

The mobile phone allows mom to check her email, order Pizza Hut for dinner and buy shoes for the kids (at a discount) all while she’s waiting to pick up Johnny from soccer practice.

Kelly Osbourne and the Bing Magical Holiday Calendar

Kelly Osbourne and the Bing Magical Holiday Calendar – sounds like a trendy children’s book, doesn’t it? What it is, is Bing making another attempt to be cool, interesting and relevant.

They were off to a good start with the Rudolph replica ads for TV. Come to think of it, Bing is the only search engine I can ever recall seeing commercials for and I remember a lot of them. That’s both good news and bad news, because even though I remember the ads, I still don’t use Bing.

Which brings me back to the Kelly and the Calendar.

Bing has installed an ugly, black and white, web advent calendar that is supposed to help you discover the magic of the holidays. The icons are numbered and you can only click on the one that matches the date or earlier.

The Impact of Mobile on Thanksgiving Shopping [Infographic]

When it comes to online shopping, the desktop still rules over any mobile device, but the tide is shifting at a pretty nifty rate.

E-Commerce company Monetate put together an infographic that looks at the impact of mobile and tablets versus desktops. The data represents only online shopping from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

Right off the bat, you can see that the desktop lost a little ground this year when compared to last year. Mobile rose from 3.1% to 7.36%, a nice little bump, but I expected it to be higher. And the conversion rates are not so good, but that’s to be expected given the difficulty of processing a shopping cart on a tiny screen.

Tablets are a surprise, rising from almost nothing (1.06%) in 2010, to 4.68% in 2011.