Sports is the Ticket at LivingSocial

LivingSocial members consumed 28,742 hot dogs in Q3 while burgers bit the big one with a 27% decline in sales.

That bit of trivia is part of LivingSocial’s Q3 Purchasing Trends report which also comes with a huge, but nifty infographic. We’ve got half of it here, but you’ll need to click through for the full experience.

LivingSocial members took advantage of unique learning experiences this past summer and 520,600 members spent a day at the museum.

Magazine subscriptions rose a surprising 236%, but sporting events ruled. Football ticket sales were up 411% and soccer tickets rose 126%.

To Your Health

In an ironic twist, indoor rock climbing tickets rose 17%, landing at 13,726 sold. But at the same time, members purchased vouchers for 59,904 donuts. Gonna have to climb a lot of walls to burn off those calories. Brunch vouchers were up 32% while bagels were up only 13%.

Wednesday is Sharing Day on Facebook

Wednesday is the most misunderstood day of the week.  It’s far enough away from last weekend that the fun memories are fading. It’s far enough away from next weekend to keep you from getting too excited. And then there’s that awful nickname: Hump Day.

Here at Marketing Pilgrim, we say Wednesday deserves a little respect and here’s why. Turns out more people share and click on Facebook posts on Wednesday, than any other day of the week. Take that Friday.

Here’s a chart from a new study by EdgeRank Checker.

Look at Wednesday, beating the pants off all those other days!

EdgeRank took this one step further, measuring the correlation between clicks and other behavior on Facebook. Here’s what they came up with:

Social Commerce: Where Do We Go From Here?

Social Commerce is one of those terms you wouldn’t have found in the encyclopedia a few years ago but it’s currently one of the hottest concepts in online marketing.

Useful Social Media has put together a fun and informative infographic showing the history of social commerce beginning with virtual gift sales on Facebook in 2007.

Here’s a small piece of the large chart:

I love the 32% of people who said they’d shop right from Twitter if they could. Count me in, too!

So where do we go from here? Sudha Jamthe, the Social Media Strategist, Social Commerce for Ebay, says we should be on the look out for three “game changers” in the coming year.

First, the gamification of social.

YouTube Gets a Google+ Update and Plus Pages Get Ugly

Sometimes there is so much going on that we figure maybe it’s a good idea to put a few ideas in one post. This is one of those times.

Last week, Google+ added a YouTube widget to the news stream making it even easier to share videos with your friends. Now, it looks like the reverse is about to happen, as YouTube prepares to add Google+ functionality to its site.

The Next Web broke the story thanks to a tip from someone who has seen the light. The biggest change is a navigation sidebar that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Like Google+, the sidebar will offer quick links to subscriptions, popular videos and other categories. You’ll also find videos recommended by people in your G+ circles.

More Teens Twitter but Facebook Still Rules

The Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 16% of online teens used Twitter in the month of July. Not a very big number, but it’s doubled since 2009.

Much of the rise is due to the fact that kids are now growing up with social media. I’d bet that there are more birth announcements on Facebook than in every hometown newspaper combined.

The other reason for the jump, is the ease of access. 75% of teens between the ages of 13 and 17 have mobile phones and one in three sends more than 100 text messages a day. Since a Tweet is nothing more than a public text message, it’s no wonder Twitter is on the rise.

Klout Caught in Kerfuffle Over Harvested Facebook Data

Not all of us are social media mavens. Some people visit Facebook on the rare occasion when they have a photo to share or big news to tell. But to Klout and other networks, one visit is as good as an addiction because one visit is all it takes to leave a footprint behind.

The New York Times has a feature story up about Maggie McGary, a mom who makes her living as a social media manager. She was upset when she discovered a Klout profile for her under-aged son. Klout built the profile because the boy was Facebook friends with his mom, which made him fair game. Klout pulled his info and set up a profile without asking for permission and with no regard to the fact that he was a young teen.

Google Adds +1 Button for Images

There’s all kinds of research that shows that images up reader engagement on Facebook, so of course, Google+ wants a piece of that pie.

Introducing the +1 button for images.

Start out by searching a word in the images tab. I searched “Crazy Moon,” don’t ask why. As you hover over the photos, you get a detailed information pop-up and on that is the new +1 button. Click the button and the photo gets a new label. It says “You” on a black band under the pic.

If your Google+ friends +1 a pic, then their name shows up under the photo. Here’s the test screenshot from Google’s blog.

If you follow me on Google+, you can search “Crazy Moon” and easily find the picture I chose. Exciting, huh?